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Itchy Throat, Gagging Feeling, Choking Cough

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  • Itchy Throat, Gagging Feeling, Choking Cough

    I'm from Illinois and in March I moved to Virginia. After about three weeks of being here I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was choking and the very back of my throat would be scratchy and breathing was extremely difficult. It was like as much as I would try to get air in, I couldn't. This shocked me because I have never had this happen before. It gradually got worse over time and it wouldn't happen only when I was sleeping, but it would happen still only at night. After some more time it started happening during the day and would occur 5-6 times within a 24hour period. I've tried looking online and there seems to be too many guesses from the flu, bronchitis, allergies, sleep apnea and get a humidifier. I would go to the bathroom during these fits and would spit out some white phlegm and blow my nose just to try to drain everything.

    The tricky thing is, when I had finally gotten a temp job doing 10hour days, the whole thing stopped by my second day. Since then I was doing temp job after temp job but now the work has ceased and it's starting up again. I've been out of work for two weeks so far. It's happened twice so far today; only at night. I don't get why this is happening, I have never had allergies before. But my mother and sister do and take over the counter medication for theirs; they have a pollen thing and spring time hits them hard. I don't know if it is sudden allergies since this only happens at the apartment. The place is clean, so it's not just dust. I'm guessing there might be something in the apartment air filters, maybe it is the Virginia air. I just don't know. I'm taking shots in the dark here but I don't want this to continue.

    Has anyone ever had this happen, know anyone it's happened to, have any guesses as to of what is going on?

  • The fact that it happens more at home and never at work makes it appear to be at home. The nightime incidents points to something in your room, maybe even in your bed. Do you clean and/or replace your pillows regularly? Some nasty allergens can accumulate in them. What about your mattress? I heard a few months ago that after 2-3 years 10% of the weight of our pillows is dead dust mites, living ones, or their waste. A large portion of the population is allergic to them.
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    • I just moved so the bed and pillow are new. It starts off while I'm sleeping, then goes to night time only, then includes day time as well. This is all just the oddest thing to me. I had never even heard of this occurring. Like I had said, I've never had allergies before. So to suddenly hock this up to that after 25 years is odd, but I do know that this does happen, my mother didn't procure allergies until she was in her 30's. I just want an answer so I can get a remedy.


      • Is the building a bit older? Having stuffiness and congestion popping up like that can mean mold in the apartment itself. You would never actually know it is there unless you have seen it yourself or you ask your landlord if the building/room has been tested recently but mold behind the walls can cause sudden onset allergy like symptoms.

        It is also entirely possible to develop allergies in adulthood when you have never had them before. There is no remedy if you are allergic to something, it is only possible to minimize symptoms with antihistamines or allergy shots. You can go to the doctor and ask for an allergy test just to see if you are allergic or sensitive to anything.
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        • Try taking an allergy test at the doctor's... and ask him/her about it


          • I don't have insurance, so there is no doctor to ask about it. Since I've been working, I've been fine. They also came to change the air filter; it was disgusting. So that alone could had been it. I don't know. When I'm home for a week, then it would start. But since I'm working, we won't know.


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