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Are these signs of allergies?

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  • Are these signs of allergies?

    Every year around this time I start getting gagging coughs, complete with watery eyes in the process. Are these allergy symptoms, or just a simple cold? I've also been sneezing more than usual this winter than in the past.

  • Could be. I have a mild case of allergies that gets triggered from a cold. The cold gets better but the post-nasal drip persists. This lead to coughs. Often I will get sick again. It feels like it is just one long cold, but a cold won't last beyond 10 days. The watery eyes makes it sound like its definitely allergies.
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    • Could be.

      Seasonal allergies can come on at any time without warning though they usually do so in the fall before a 'hard frost' and in the spring when everything 'starts to pop'.

      Could also have something to do with the dryer air of winter causing irritation to your respiratory system, especially your nasal passages, sinus cavities and/or lungs. Do you have a humidifier?...A clean dry humidifier would be more accurate... If you do, buy a couple gallons of distilled water and run it in the room of your house where you spend the most time. See if that gives you any relief. Or run in your bedroom at night.

      You can also humidify from the inside by increasing your water consumption. Try to sip water all day to keep you hydrated and the areas I mentioned above moist and lubricated. It's better to sip then to gulp or guzzle water in any quantity as the body is only capable of processing sixteen ounces per hour for any benefit.

      If it gets really cold...bitter cold where you are or windy, put something over your mouth and nose if you're going to be out in it for very long.

      Gagging coughs can cause the body to over compensate for what it's lacking, signaling the body to produce it in large quantities quickly (watery eyes, runny nose, etc.).

      It's either allergies or lack of a well hydrated body/respiratory system.


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