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Alcohol allergy?

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  • Alcohol allergy?

    Hi guys,

    For as long as I can remember drinking Tia Maria and Baileys (any kind) results in me sneezing. It's not even that I drink a lot of it, one sip can make me start. I don't think I have any other side effects, except the things that normally go with sneezes like a stuffy nose and watery eyes.

    It doesn't particularly bother me, I' just curious as to why it happens. Have any of you experienced anything like this?

  • Sounds like a mild food intolerance - maybe look at the ingredients in both and see what's common but not in most foods, could be like a dairy type flavouring if it's only these drinks that cause it...? I'm sure the sneezing is never bad as the hangover!


    • Alcohol allergic reaction rarely occurs among people with strong physique and if it does occur, it is usually mild. Additionally, the reaction is depended on the immunity of the person.


      • I have been sneezing on couple of sips of baileys doing my head in, and guiness too, whatever is in both of them is making me sneeze, no one occurance have i not


        • Interesting, never heard of it, but I would guess that some ingredients cause your allergic reaction, if the sneezing does not occur when you consume other drinks.


          • Everyone's different and you happen to have an allergy to alcohol. I don't drink myself and don't want to. Look on the bright side: while you're sober and in control your friends are drunk and out of control. You're luckier than you realize.


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