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  • Allergies

    Hi I'm new here but thought I would post a comment or two about allergies. Regarding sneezing and such from dust etc..I would recommend one of those air purifiers.
    Also my husband told me and I saw for myself that smells like from perfumes/colognes will affect ones moods.

  • It's allergies im positive. Used to do a school report on this, the elements changes so fast bodies are still used to the cold temperature so its looking to get out all of the nasty stuff from your body. Also, the pollen in mid-air (Which triggers the sunshine to occur most of the time) gives your breathing challenging. Ask your local doctor if he's an allergy medicine. Best of luck I'm going through the same thing right now.

    Hope you feel better!


    • Try and keep your home dust free and sanitized..by washing bed sheets and floor cleaning.If you have pets..wash them whenever they come from out and keep them medicated as..dust on their bodies could trigger allergy.


      • Allergies is most common issues, because of we can't keep clean our bedroom, corridor, balcony. thus most of the people affect with allergies.


        • dust is my nose archenemies, can't stand it. it will turn my face red like apple.


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