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Allergy relief

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  • Allergy relief

    What do you recommend for allergy relief?
    My allergies have been bad lately.

  • Garden of life sinus if it's your sinuses. I teased my wife about all of her pills and how it is psychological, but she made me a believer. Those things work
    "Those sowing seed with tears
    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • Here are 2 natural remedies for allergy relief RED ONION WATER

      Onions are nature’s gift when it comes to natural anti-histamine. It contains a compound called quercetin that prevents inflammation and opens up the air passage to make breathing easier.

      All you have to do is add thin slices of one onion a 4 cups of water. Let it stay for 8 to 12 hours. Then drink it once or twice every day. You can store it in the fridge for 4 days. You can even add some honey as a taste enhancer if you like.

      No list of natural remedies is complete without apple cider vinegar. It can cure tons of ailments including allergy relief. What makes it such a success is its ability to cleanse the lymphatic system and minimize production of mucous.

      All you have to do is combine a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar and ‘The Mother’ (colony of good bacteria found in unfiltered ACV brands). Add this into a glass of water. Drink this amazing solution thrice a day.


      • Depends on the type of allergy, take antihistamines, avoid prolonged contact with the allergen (obviously!), clean home items that can accumulate a lot of dust and allergens. If you have itching or swelling, sneezing seek professional help.
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        • Hello!!! I saw the familiar allergy to the pain and read additional useful information and wanted to share the pain! The Irony of Fate! I so love the sun, but, alas! 3-4 years ago, faced with an unpleasant phenomenon in early summer in June, suddenly from that or that on the neck, red spots appeared in the form of a necklace and it all began to itch and itch, in general, horror! Who survived me will understand! In short, I did not understand anything then, I ran to the allergist, I scratched the entire back on different agents doing the tests, but ... I did not find anything, I paid, of course, a lot of money (the allergist was paid). And in September I went to rest in Turkey (this was in the same year). There was a terrible allergy, I do not remember how I survived, but I'm afraid to rest now. Did I notice and maybe it was the same? That like as on a sun-protection cream Mary Kay with spf 15 or earlier was with spf 20 such reaction I and I do not know on what to sin? I drink kestin now. And then the summer begins ... in a turtleneck, what can I walk now?


          • I used to have hayfever: for some reason, in adulthood, it has gone. To this day, I don't know why. I am very thankful, though. I used to have to use nose sprays and pills. I don't have any other allergies, either. I'm fine with cats, dogs and other animals. Dust doesn't get to me. I am very lucky.


            • Whenever I use moisturizer I get get rashes on my face. Do you have any suggestions?


              • *Jonkier, Check your moisturizer product. You skin might be allergic to its ingredients. Here are some home remedies that can help with skin rashes.
                - Use cool compresses
                - Aloe Vera
                - Coconut oil
                - Try a baking soda bath
                - Moisturize with oatmeal
                - Apply apple cider vinegar
                - Honey
                - Olive oil
                - Green tea
                - Rose water


                • I second the posts of jenniferlan and Loric2014. Very sensible advice.


                  • I usually take an over-the-counter allergy medicine when pets cause the symptoms to flare up. I have a Himalayan pink salt lamp. It's supposed to help with clearing the air and reducing allergies. I think it's helped me. I recommend it.


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