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Is it a vaginal yeast infection or something else?

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  • Is it a vaginal yeast infection or something else?

    I've recently suffered from itching and irritation around my vagina. I'm not sure whether it's a yeast infection or something else. But the irritation becomes so intense at night that wakes me up many times in the night and urges me to scratch it. I also experience thick and white discharge that smells like yeast. I stopped using all of my feminine hygiene products and tried washing my vagina with warm salt water, but the itchiness is still there. Do I have a vaginal yeast infection, allergy or something else? Is there anything that can help with this? Please, help me!

  • Your description is the classic symptoms of a yeast infection. Have you sought out medication for this? Maybe one of the other admins has some advice. Claret , Beautiful Disaster , atskitty2 ?
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    • It sounds like a yeast infection to me. Call your doc to get an appointment just to confirm with a swab before starting any treatment.
      Treatment is available at drug stores.


      • jenniferlan is this something that started all of a sudden or has it been coming on for a while? Can you take a mirror and have a look at your lady bits? If you see a whiteish colouration to your skin in a figure 8 pattern, or if your skin is bruised in any way or if you have small cuts, you could have something called Lichen Sclerosis. This is a non-STD, auto-immune disease, affects both men and women.

        If the itching is caused by the discharge, it could as jns and atskitty said be a yeast infection.

        Yeast infections can be treated well with medication. If it is a yeast infection and you have a partner, you must treat both persons as it can be transferred back and forth.
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        • Thanks for all your helpful advice!
          Yesterday I went to a local drug store for treatment. The pharmacist told me that I might have a yeast infection and gave me a topical cream called Fugacil to put on my vagina. After several applications, I feel a little better now. The itching and irritation "down there" decrease visibly. She said that this drug can clear my infection in 2-3 days, but I also need to pay attention to my diet. Now I'm trying to eat healthy and take care of my vagina to stop it.


          • Jennifferlan I have a web site for you to look at it might be the solution to the issue that you have describedd Sincerly, Richard you might have to copy and paste it into your browser >>>>>>edited to remove outbound link.
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