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Smell Sensitivities

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    Smell Sensitivities

    Do you have smell sensitivities? If so, to what? How do you deal with it in public settings, like work?

    I'm super smell sensitive. Perfumes, sprays, scented wax, etc.
    "Be what you're looking for."

    I did many years ago, but now I can hardly smell anything!


      Wow. Really? Wonder what caused that?
      I'm very sensitive to them. It's one of those ailments you can't "see" so many people think it is made up. Or they think you just don't like the scent itself and are complaining. But it's not about scent preference.

      Another interesting thing...I've never met a man like this. I've never met a man who had sensitive to chemicals and smells like I do and like some other women I know do. I thought of this today because there was some office drama lately (shock shock...haha) because several of the women like to burn those scented waxes in their offices. It infiltrates the whole building and causes me and one other woman allergic reaction. I had to ask them to stop doing it.

      I'm the same way with most colognes and perfumes. There are some that don't bother me and others that are horrible.
      "Be what you're looking for."


        I'm not completely sure BD. I used to have a very sharp sense of smell, and would also have asthma and/or other symptoms like headaches with certain chemical smells. Some chemicals that i suppose are odorless, would make me sick. Once we were driving and passed a home pouring concrete (I think) in their driveway, and I was very sick for days. Didn't smell anything but it came over me immedidately as we passed that home.

        Chemicals are toxic, no doubt. I can smell sweet things now, but not stinky things or sour smells. It's rather odd. I'll often not smell anything, but feel a light-headedness or headache come over me.

        This was 15-20 yrs ago. Idk if you remember from other posts, but I went through a period where I'd been very sick and this was part of it. I was eventually treated for a fungal overgrowth in my gut, and I was better within weeks. My keen sense of smell faded over time and never returned!


          I don't smoke, so have a strong sense of smell. I notice anything & everything. We are surrounded by smells, but I seldom smell anything bad. I also used to have hayfever: for some reason it is gone. I am very glad of this. Not having hayfever does also mean my sense of smell hasn't deteriorated.


            Hey. This is interesting. Especially now, when the heat.
            Your sensitivity to odors can really play a role in the development of anxiety, especially if these smells make you shy. The biggest problem that plays a role here is how you see your own smells and smells around you. If you find that your body, clothing or the environment smells too often, you can create a negative image of yourself associated with these smells.
            Smells are incredibly powerful, and there is some evidence that your sense of smell is actually better associated with memory than your vision or other feelings. Therefore, it is possible that when you are worried about your own smell, even if you do not smell at all or do not smell "normal", you begin to overdo with your own presence, and this can lead to the development of social anxiety and generalized anxiety.
            Anxiety can create sensitivity to smell
            Anxiety itself can create sensitivity to smells. Anxiety puts you in a "contact" with your feelings. Those with anxiety become more susceptible to various flavors in a way that those who are not uncomfortable do not belong, especially to bad smells.
            If you start to notice that when you have anxiety, you smell almost every negative smell around you, especially when you go, or you feel that you feel that you are feeling bad things that are not really there, have developed sensitivity of a smell. Usually your mind filters out odors that it does not consider important, but when you have concern, it can take away these scents more than ever before, which makes you feel that there are more negative smells all the time around you or around you. It's my opinion. I think it will be interesting to you.


              That's very interesting Loric. I have never heard that before! But I can see where anxiety makes us in a "hyper" state of sensitivity, so I suppose that carries on to odors too!
              "Be what you're looking for."


                I love your post, Loric2014. Smell can contribute to anxiety. The world is full of smells and every smell has a psychological effect on the human brain: and animals' brains. I suppose this is why most people shower every day: or at least bathe a few times a week.

                Anyhow, an interesting post, Loric2014.