Cervical Cancer - worrying for nothing?

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Cervical Cancer - worrying for nothing?

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  • Cervical Cancer - worrying for nothing?

    Let me start off by saying I have OCD. It's been diagnosed and legit. I'm only mentioning this because part of my OCD is the constant fear of illness and obsession over it.

    That being said I'm have a bad time right now, convinced myself I have cervical cancer.

    I had regular paps for years and they all came back normal until a few years ago. Of course I went crazy.

    I saw a specialist. They explained I had HPV which could lead to cancer. The assured me most all women get it and not every case is cancer.

    So they did an exam. I dont remember the exact findings but also wanted to do a colposcopy. (sp?) It must have came back okay because I was told to come back in 6 months. I did that and the exam was good and was told I could go back to a year.

    My last exam was Feb 2010. For various reasons including no insurance/work I haven't been.

    I did make an appointment and Im going in may to start back with regular screenings.

    I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance. I know no one person is the same, and only a doctor can really give answers but Im freaking out.

    If it was normal in 2010 what are the chances it could not be full blown cancer? When i first went the doctor told me the people who really have to worry are those who dont have exams done for 10 years or more. Im also hearing now people should go every 3 years.

    I just turned 30 in January if that helps

  • syradmb, 80-90% of women over 20 have HPV and a good portion of us have gotten "unusual" or "inconclusive" paps. I'd say the odds of being fine are much higher than for those of you're having a problem. I know sometimes odds don't mean diddly when you're worried, but try to keep them in mind to lessen your worry.

    For various reasons doctors cause unnecessary worry (or down right panic) in people. My for instance is my pregnancy at 37. They did all kinds of tests and recommended more to "be sure" the baby was fine. Well the chance of her being so unwell that I'd have to made a decision whether or not to terminate the pregnancy were so infinitesimally small that we told them, nope all done testing, the stress from the panic they were creating was so out of proportion to the odds of there being a problem I was quite mad at them. "She's got short bones, that's one marker" made me panic-y until I went home and looked it up and saw that in order for there to be any REAL indication of a problem you needed at least 3 markers. I'm 4'10" could that be why she has "short bones".

    Take deep breaths and listen to your body not your OCD. Good luck with the anxiety, hope it gets better.


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