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Enlarged Ovary. Scared.

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  • Enlarged Ovary. Scared.

    I had a transvaginal ultrasound today and within 2 hours of leaving my doctor was calling to say that my left ovary was enlarged and I needed to see a gynecologist. They are referring me to a gyn and will be calling me to schedule something.

    I'm really worried. I had the u/s initially because i had about 10 days of serious lower back pain accompanied by mild uterine cramping during non period time. That cleared up for a few days and then I got my period about 6 days early. I have it now, and of course when I had the u/s earlier today.

    Should I be worried? I'm really scared. I also have frequent urination, not sure if that's a symptom too.

    Edited to add I'm 34 yo and have two small kids.

  • Try not to worry too much. The observed enlargement was likely a cyst of some sort. Most ovarian cysts are benign so wait until you get a more detailed investigation before you get too carried away with self diagnosis.
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