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Endometrial cancer?

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  • Endometrial cancer?

    Hi, this is my first time here. I am 32 years old mother of three. Five pregnancy. One abortion in 2003. Due to medical reasons. And an spontaneous miscarriage about two years ago, no D&C preformed.
    I had a pap smear on june 16 three days after my period. The results showed abnormal cell low. My doctor called me and on july 27th she told me that she will repeat the pap again in 6 months. My HPV is negative. On july 6 i got my period all my life i have 5 days cycle every 26-28 days. On july 21 i started spotting only when i wipe no need to use a liner/pad. (I've never had spotting before)
    My spotting wento from july 21-31. On the 31 i had an transvagunal ultrasound. (The day before my period)
    The results show no cyst, mass, fluids or anything of that nature. But my endometrium thickness is abnormal at 24mm.
    My doctor wont do anymore test for now, she feels that my endometrium thickness is ok. Because it was done a day before my period and my number of pregnacy she is certain are the cause of the thickness.
    Am I worrying too much? Should I push for a biopsy?
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  • It is quite common to have abnormal cells on a pap test. The normal course of action is to repeat the test in 6 months. Try not to worry, I'm sure it'll be nothing.
    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


    • Maybe take note of what your following periods are like, things like more spotting? anything else unusual like heavier than normal? and then if something does change ask your dr if you can do something sooner. Have you been seeing a gynecologist or a gp?


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