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Breast Pain..Cancer?

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  • Breast Pain..Cancer?

    Hi there,

    (this feels kind of awkward but I've been a little worried and hope someone can explain it to me.)

    Well the thing is, there's an area on my left breast, around 2 inches above the nipple, has been hurting for the last 2 days. It's sort of a dull but sharp pain below the skin that lasts for around a minuet of so, and it occurs twice to thrice a day. The area also feels rather tender when I press on it (but then I realised that my other breast hurts when I press it too, so maybe it's just a breast thing uh). Also, there's no bruise, redness, lumps or what so ever, nothing on the skin hints that there's anything wrong with that spot.

    If it helps, I'm 17 with a healthy diet and not sexually active, my family does not have a history of breast cancer as well. I don't think that this may have anything to do with breast cancer but this is the closet thing I could think of :O

    I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me what's wrong Thanks in advance!


  • Breast pain usually has to do with something benign like an injury you didn't notice or just growing pains. Breast tissue continues to grow throughout your adult life with every menstrual cycle. It may be something more chronic like fibrocystic breast changes (which are also considered benign.)

    If you're very concerned about the pain, you could have a checkup at a gynecologist, though it's not strictly necessary for you to see one at your age if you're not sexually active. A well visit will usually include a manual breast exam.
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