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Knowing when to push at the doctors?

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  • Knowing when to push at the doctors?

    Hello ladies!

    A little bit of background. I am a 30yo mom of 3 kids (ages 10, 5, & 2) - I had all via c-section, also had my tubes cut after 3rd child. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s after I had my first child. I have been mostly able to manage my PCOS, I occasionally have cysts rupture and have a fullness in my pelvic area due to free fluid - I know what this kind of pain feels like. The symptoms that I am going to describe are different from my normal PCOS symptoms. Also recently I developed a hydrosalpinx on my right fallopian tube and I had a uterine polyp (the polyp has since gone away).

    In the early fall of 2019 I went to my regular GP because I suspected that I had a UTI, I also mentioned to him that I had been have this brown discharge in between periods. He thought it was probably a vaginal infection and ended up prescribing me 2 different antibiotics. The UTI was treated but I continued to have the brown discharge, there is a faint oder that accompanies it. And it varies in consistency from watery to mucusy. I have also started to have bleeding after sex, not every time but more often than not. I also have been having what feels like pain in my cervix when I have sex, again not every time but a noticeable amount. Along with that I have been having on and off lower back pain, sometimes it is to the point that I need to lay down. Recently I had an episode where the pain radiated down my leg. So with the PCOS I have always had sort of irregular periods, not getting them, getting them twice in a month, etc... but they were never heavy, since I had my last child they have become extremely heavy. Going through a size super tampon every hour, having to wake in the middle of the night to change tampon/pad combo because of leaking. Actually my last two periods I couldn't use tampons because they bothered me.

    This may be all unrelated or be a combination of a few different things going on. Basically I went to my doctor today and sort of got a wish/washy response. No real commitment to what he thought was going on, a lot of it could be related to having had c-sections, or your PCOS, come back if it gets worse. I mean I said to him that I was coming now because it had gotten worse not better. He did do a pap (I was due for one, my last one was in 2017 and was negative).

    Am I over reacting? Should I seek a second opinion. Has anyone else had similar symptoms - any insight? Thanks!

  • Has your doctor done an ultrasound? Based on this statement, I'm assuming they have: "Also recently I developed a hydrosalpinx on my right fallopian tube and I had a uterine polyp (the polyp has since gone away)."

    It certainly SOUNDS (based on my life-experience opinion - I am certainly NOT a medical professional) like some sort of cyst or fibroid. And it sounds like the "brown discharge" is actually, menstrual-related spotting. Has cyst or fibroid been ruled out? I know you've had ovarian cysts and don't think this is one...but that doesn't mean there isn't something going on with your uterus. Has any of that been visually checked out via ultrasound?
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    • I don't think you're over reacting. This sounds quite bothersome, and it's reasonable to expect your doc to take some action to provide an answer and appropriate treatment.
      Sounds as if there's multiple factors at play here, and could be some things changing in your body. A deeper evaluation certainly seems appropriate. Are you using a hormonal birth control (for the PCOS)?

      Did they check your hormone levels, or other blood work?

      Something to remember is that the same disease can present itself in different ways. I had ovarian cysts for many years, and they changed how they made me feel over the years. As our bodies change and hormones change over time, so can the way we experience the symptoms of different diagnoses. I'm not suggesting that's all that's going on for you, but new signs doesn't always equal a new problem/diagnosis.

      If your doctor won't do more diagnostics, I would be inclined to see another doctor. If this has been going on, and worsening for 4+ months, it's time to take some additional steps for diagnosis, in my opinion. So, yes, I think it's ok to get a little pushy with your doctors office. Gently, of course, but let them know that you want additional testing, or a referral to someone with a broader knowledge base for non-routine care.


      • I second atskitty2's post. I am not an expert at medical matters, but do agree with the post.

        I also think you're not overreacting. Definitely push for answers.


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