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red ants attacked

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  • red ants attacked

    didnt know where this should go but i was bbq'in sunday and sat on a chair i didnt see was covered in red ants. I have bites that go from right under my butt cheeks to down the inside of my thighs. I have put calamine lotion on them all day long and took some benadryl but its still painful to walk (as most of them are alongside my inner thighs) and itches like theres no tomorrow. is there anything else I can put on them to ease the swelling and itching??...seriously im desperate to try ANYTHING

  • Here's a list of possible remedies I found:

    ** Topical steroid cream such as a 1/4% or stronger hydrocortisone cream.
    ** Baking soda and water (thick paste)
    ** Bleach and water (half and half) I do NOT like the sound of that one!
    ** Meat tenderizer and water (thick paste)
    ** Alcohol
    ** Ammonia alone, or alternately applying ammonia and hydrogen peroxide with two rags, cotton balls, or paper towels.
    ** Vinegar. (This is the suggested solution for use with box jellyfish.)
    ** Crushed aspirin (thick paste). May help even after a day.
    ** Salt (thick paste)
    ** Tea Tree oil (may also be good for other insect bites, such as, chiggers, fleas and mosquitoes)
    ** Aloe jell
    ** Dishwashing liquid
    ** Freshly cut onion

    All of those are immediate relief ideas - no idea how effective they'll be after time - I'd go to a doctor if I were you. I really would. Sounds nasty.
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    • I managed to get attacted by those big red ants as a kid, not fun.

      Meat tenderizer will help if it contains enzymes, many are just spices.
      Cider vinegar is an old remedy
      Benedryl will help cut your reaction
      Hydrotherapy showers will help; get in the shower, starting with as hot as you can stand (you don't want to do tissue damage) on the afflicted area for 30 seconds to a couple mins, then switch to entirely cold water for at least 15 seconds, alternate temps at least 13 times. This will reduce your discomfort.


      • ok so out of the lists provided i tried alcohol (which made me scream about as loud as i did while giving birth thanx)
        and benadryl again.

        it helps a bit until something rubs up against a bite and then the itching begins all over again. seriously i dont remember chicken pox itching this much!

        thanx for the tips...i'll see what i have available in the house from the rest of the list...although i dont think i'll be trying meat tenderizer


        • I hate insects cause they bite me all the time... There are some products that might be helpful to protect from ants. Aerosols are the most popular product to fight ants. The instant effect is provided by the droplet spraying of the insecticide. They destroy insects within 2-3 hours. are some tips on how to get rid of ants on. Hope it will come in handy.
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          • I hope you're alright now, simplynikki. I have never been bitten by red ants, but I did get hives once as a kid: I was rolling around on the grass and a few hours later I had bumps in my skin and my skin itched like mad. It was awful. Anyhow, I hope you're better now.


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