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Went to Neurologist today...

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  • Went to Neurologist today...

    Had some nerve testing today. Gosh I hate needles, but whatever it takes to figure out what's wrong. #1, no wonder I use a cane now. I've lost 30% of my muscles on my left side, still very strong on my right side. I've lost 60% of all feeling on my left side and my brain has shrunk twice as fast as the average persons brain shrinks as you get older. Nice!!! Sometimes I ask God, "What next?" But lately, I'm afraid to ask- People act like I'm some kind of freak or say I'm lucky to be at home all the time. I'm not lucky to be at home and 4 years without any income isn't my cup of tea.
    I'm sure not faking anything and been accused of that as well. Some have even suggested that I just "SNAP" out of it. SNAP out of exactly what?
    At this very moment I'm a little bit "feeling good", people act like that is awful too. But, just what am I TO do, sit and cry? Hang out waiting to die? Sit and feel sorry for myself? Heck NO, I'm not taking any of this news lying down. I have goals and things to do before the end. There are animals to put in my freezer like bison and elk and Tons of deer. I am a hunter first and foremost right after being a husband and Daddy. Not a Father, a honest to goodness Daddy.
    Doc ran some blood work, searching for Lupus or MS, it matters not to me and I'm at peace with either. Only God knows my future, but for now, Let's Rock On Brothers and Sisters!!! I don't want to go with wishes and dreams unfulfilled. I want to slide in sideways screaming "Let's Go Party Hardy!!!!! And doing it at 90 miles per hour!
    So please don't feel sorry for me, Party with Old Markie and let's have a good time!

  • You got a neurologist to do something?! After 4 attempts I've given up because I just get diagnosed with something like panic attacks or stress. Then they send me to a psychiatrist who ends up trying to solve my physical problems. The neurological clinic that specializes in the type of problems I'm having never even got back to me after we spent 2 months getting together my medical history, drove 3hrs one way, and then harassed them for 6months. They also refused to prescribe any medication until they were done going over everything and ready to treat me so I had to use the ER to get meds. They give me like 2 weeks worth at a time. At least insurance pays 100% for ER trips so it's actually $25 cheaper than going to a regular doctor appointment.


    • I am sorry to hear that Mark. But a neurologist is a hard one to get into so you can be sure your care will be very good. Muscle decline is hard to deal with, as you unfortunately know already. The brain shrinkage is one that I worry about, I know what that does I have studied many many years into the field it really is not nice to see. You are doing a great job though, you need to stay positive and upbeat as much as possible. It may not be easy to try and be that way all the time but it does help your health if you boost your moral. So keep on that

      You got a neurologist to do something?!
      Neurologists are one of the most precise when it comes to referrals. When they see someone in obvious degenerative decline, especially quicker than others as Mark has been experiencing they will run a lot of tests. Neurologists deal with that stuff, muscle decline, brain issues, spine problems, sensory deprivations, and so on. The psychiatry of the brain not so much, neurology does deal with the brain but not in the psychological feelings type of way unless they are assessing cognitive function for brain abnormalities, they mainly stick to anatomical issues like tissue damage or degeneration. The neurologist will basically just send you off to the psychiatrist. Your psychiatrist will do a better job of dealing with stress or panic attacks anyway.
      There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


      • Except my problems have been proven to be physiological not psychological. It just usually takes doctors months of trying to tell me otherwise to realize that and neurologists don't bother to see me twice to find out. I'm really leaning towards a genetic pituitary gland disorder. It explains not only nearly all my health problems but health problems that consistently show up in every female on my mom's side of the family. Entirely not worth trying to get an actual diagnoses though.


        • [edited for poster's security] is my doctor of neurology. Been told he is one of the best in my area. He's taking me off of Vicodin for the pain and putting me on Ultram to relieve the worst of the pain. Some pain is necessary to keep you from injuring yourself as I well know. I'm wondering how Ultram will work for me. I hope very well, as the pain is sometimes more than I can bear. I have to keep the positive attitude, it's just who I am. Positive attitude = positive health and positive attitudes of others around you! That I can use a Lot of!!! I enjoy life and hope I can do anything I set my mind to... and always do end up doing it anyway no matter what. Even if the wife says No- She can't watch me 24/7 (snicker, snicker). I'd just like to know how the Ultram compares to the Vicodin. Right now, 2- 5/500 Vicodin every 6 hours and still hurt like I've been beat with a baseball bat. This isn't fun... but I try to make sure I get out every day and do something fun. Even if it's going downstairs in my garage and starting my antique tractor to listen to the old thing run. It sounds like a sewing machine at an idle, but that sound just makes my day!
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          • I've taken tramadol (ultram) and other opiates off and on because of some old injuries (waiting for the damaged joints in my knees and wrist to reach the point they deem surgery necessary) but unfortunately I can't compare it too well to what you've been taking since I have a bad reaction to morphine and hydrocodone (vicodan). I can only say that it works where the codeine derivatives did nothing prior to me breaking out in red blotches and vomiting. Even injected morphine though does nothing for any pain I have so that may just be me.


            • Thank you kira for your response and the information. I sincerely appreciate you taking time to respond to my post, as I do everyone else as well.


              • I have taken tramadol (Ultram) and it is a non-narcotic pain medicine. Even though it's not a narcotic different doctors have their opinions about prescribing it claiming that it may be habit forming. I was in a car accident several years ago and a broken collar bone, broken sternum, whiplash, and torn cartlidge from my sternum to my rib cage it was a painful time in my life and I was the sole care provider for my son who at the time was 2 years old made things a little bit more challenging and I didn't feel like I could properly care for my son if I took the prescribed pain medication (they gave me hydrocodone, vicodan, percocets,


                • oops hit enter by mistake. Anyway... the narcotics (above mentioned meds) seemed to give me a hangover feeling the following day (I only took them at bedtime due to caring for my son) and I hated that feeling. I complained and tramadol was prescribed. It wasn't as effective (for me and my situation) for getting rid of the pain BUT... during the day I wasn't taking anything but ibuprophin so it did wonders for me for during the day because I was awake, alert and didn't have that dopy feeling the other pain meds gave me. They did take the edge off the pain and for the length of time that I was on them (It took me 2 years of physical therapy and they had to rebreak my collar bone because it didnt' heal properly) I was able to stop taking the tramadol without any difficulties (like withdrawl symptoms) that I know I would have experienced if I had been taking narcotic pain meds for that length of time. I hope they work well for your pain.

                  A positive attitude such as yours is so wonderful to see. You sound like you have a lot of spunk and you are a fiesty one.... keep smilin' and don't wreak too much havoc for your wife.


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