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Heat illness?

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  • Heat illness?

    So yesterday, I nearly passed out at work from working in the heat. I had chest pains, couldn't breathe, and my head was going numb.

    Today, I was fine. Then we opened the windows and once the heat started to set in, I started to get extremely nauseous. Could this be left over from my episode yesterday? And will I always have to worry about it or will it eventually subside?

  • I almost ate it in the parking lot working at a car wash my first summer with them. It took me about a week and a half to recover where I didn't feel light headed and dizzy after a few minutes of real heat. You really have to be careful with it. It's not about being tough or getting used to it. Your body can only take so much heat. Drink lots of water before you're in the heat, until you have to pee every 20 to 30 minutes. Gatorade is good to help replace what your body is sweating out. I would suggest doing some research about what to do, or what the symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion are. It's really bad if you get to the point where you stop sweating or get cold chills.

    I read that if you are overheated, putting cold packs on the back of your neck, under arms, and groin, is the fastest way to cool your body. You might want to see about taking a few days off to recover though.


    • Strange weather, I will never get used to it. It is hot and very dry in the day time. So dry it sometimes makes my nose bleed if I stay out too long. At night it changes, the temp drops to around 65 with no wind but it gets very humid. Hubby don't mind the dry heat but can't stand the humidity and I can't stand the dry heat but don't mind the humidity. So we leave the A/C on day and night, makes us both mostly happy (until I get the utility bill).
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      • Wait a minute. Chest pain, shortness of breath, and numb feelings in your head are not usual for heat exhaustion. Sure the heat puts a bigger load on you heart to help keep you cool but you shouldn't be having such extreme reactions. Please, if this happens again see a physician. Or better yet, see a physician for a check up soon. The nausea is something common from being exposed to heat. Drinks lots of water and gatorade and eat well. Not a lot of caffeine, though. If you are out in the heat and your body temperature reaches 104 degrees go to the ER. If your skin is dry and you are not sweating any more, that is bad. You should go to the ER then, too. Otherwise, cooling down with cool cloths and ice packs to the neck, groin, and under-arms is recommended when it's hot. Be careful. Please.


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