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  • Please Help Me

    Good morning, everyone. I'm writing today because I've been sick since April and no one has been able to answer my questions or help me in anyway. I have a lot wrong with me and while they're different body parts, I'm sure this is all linked somehow because I was perfectly healthy before this. I ate mostly healthy foods, no pop ever, and worked out almost everyday. I don't drink often at all and never smoke. Normal, energetic, great relationships, love my job, and was so happy in life!**

    I'm 25 years old and have no history of serious illness. I have had kidney stones twice, but this is so different from those experiences.

    Everything started one day at work. I was standing still and suddenly got a dull pain in the left side of my lower/middle back. It didn't go away even when I went home and took a nap. It persisted for a couple days and spread a little, so more of my back ached. I kept a heating pad on it on and off for a couple days. That's when my bladder freaked out. I had so much pain under my pelvic bone that even a strong pain medication couldn't take it away. I peed often. My bladder felt full and I'd empty it and have to go again just a little bit later. This would get even worse if I drank a lot of water. There was no burning sensation when I peed, though my bladder ached afterwards and felt weak. Very aware as soon as urine enters it.

    I went to the doctor convinced that I had a UTI. No bacteria was found in my urine, only a bit of blood. They asked if my period was due, but it wasn't until the end of the following week. He said it could still be an infection and prescribed me antibiotics and a pill that turned my urine dark orange. That one was to relax the spasms.**

    My period came over a week early the next day and the pain was awful (it's been normal in the 2 months since btw). I took both pills as directed, my period ended, but by the end of my antibiotic cycle, none of my symptoms were relieved. I called asking for a stronger antibiotic, but my doctor insisted I have a bladder ultrasound done first.**

    In the meantime, my backaches became worse. I thought maybe I pulled or injured a muscle because it was a lower back pain, like an achy pulling feeling. But some days it was my middle and upper back hurting. Sometimes it felt like burning. My neck and shoulders would get so tight. I went to a chiropractor to see if I messed something up really badly.

    The chiropractor said my back was tighter than a football player's, cracked me a few times, and told me to stretch and become more flexible. I felt no relief in the days after. I went back one more time, but since it still didn't help, I have discontinued my visits.

    I got my bladder ultrasound which showed that my bladder would fill completely and empty completely. It was so uncomfortable waiting for a truly full bladder. My doctor said my bladder was perfectly healthy. It doesn't feel healthy, though, and I'm still peeing many many times a day.

    I've been experiencing random tingling in my toes and aches and tingling in my left arm, down to the tips of my ring and little finger. I woke up with the arm/finger tingling once.

    I went back to the doctor for a full physical, a pap smear, and blood work to check my blood cell count, check for diabetes, my kidney function, cholesterol levels, etc. My pap came back normal and was told my blood was excellent. I wish I could have felt as healthy as they were saying I am!

    This is when I started to have digestive issues. My bowel movements were irregular, smelled foul, sometimes really soft or diarrhea. It looked like there was mucus and definitely undigested pieces of food. For a while, I thought I may be constipated so I did an enema. The same stuff came out. I still had pain in my bladder and now around it. I went back to the doctor and he thought, given my age and description of my problems, I should be tested for Celiac and Crohn's Disease. In the meantime, I should take Metamucil in water to help regulate me and firm up my stool. Awaiting results on both of those tests. My temperature and blood pressure were normal.

    A day later, I started to lose my appetite. If I did eat, my stomach would roar and gurgle. No matter what I ate. I tried a banana, toast, yogurt, it didn't matter. My tummy ached and would have random sharp pains. It soon started doing this if I drank anything, even plain water. My stomach hurts and gurgles empty and even more if food or water hits it. Yesterday, I did get a lot of gas. It felt like a build up in my upper stomach. I'd do random little burps that'd offer no relief. Some air would go south and it's odorless. It didnt help any either. It doesn't help if i pass a bowel movement either. I tried both Pepto Bismol and Alka-Seltzer to help and neither worked at all.**

    As of right now, I cannot eat or drink anything without awful pain and loud movement in my stomach, especially right under my ribcage. I'm losing weight fast. Down almost 10 lbs in a couple weeks and not trying to lose. My back hurts so much, my chest has random sharp pains and tightness now too. I feel so weak and had to call off from work today.**

    So right now my symptoms are: 1. lots of peeing, 2. aching bladder, 3. sharp pains in torso, all over, and especially if I eat or drink. 4. literally no appetite 5. diarrhea, food in stool, no visible blood 6. back pain all over 7. tight neck in the back 8. chest pains 9. tingling in feet and fingers, they randomly fall asleep 10. random body aches; arm, thigh, everywhere really

    What should I do? I thought about going to the hospital, but will try to get into my doctor again today first. I'm afraid I'll miss work again tomorrow at this rate. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read all of this and I so very much appreciate any and all replies and advice!

  • We are not Dr's here, The best thing is to keep going to your Dr until they test for everything or refer you to a Specialist.
    Though some of your Symptoms are similar to those of IBS

    An expert panel has outlined a list of symptoms common in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Doctors often use this list of symptoms, known as the Rome III criteria, to distinguish IBS from other intestinal problems. But people who don't have all of these symptoms may still have IBS.

    You meet the Rome III criteria for IBS if your symptoms began at least 6 months ago, you have had abdominal pain or discomfort at least 3 days each month in the last 3 months, and at least two of the following statements are true:

    Behavioral Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    One approach to coping with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is behavioral therapy. Why? Stress and anxiety can worsen IBS symptoms. Behavioral therapy can help you cope with these feelings and hopefully reduce some IBS symptoms. It's not known what causes pressure and worry to trigger stomach pain, discomfort, diarrhea, or constipation. But learning how to effectively manage emotional reactions seems to prevent or ease suffering. "The majority of IBS patients seem to show some improvement with behavioral...

    The pain is relieved by having a bowel movement.
    The pain is linked to a change in how often you have a bowel movement.
    The pain is linked to a change in the appearance or consistency of your stool.

    The presence of any of the following symptoms supports a diagnosis of IBS.
    Bowel movement patterns

    When you have IBS, your pattern of bowel movements may be different over time. Two or more of the following may happen:

    Bowel movements may occur either more often (diarrhea) or less often (constipation) than usual, such as having more than 3 bowel movements a day or less than 3 a week.
    Bowel movements may differ in size or consistency (may be hard and small, pencil-thin, or loose and watery).
    The way stools pass changes. You may strain, feel an urgent need to have a bowel movement, or feel that you haven't completely passed a stool.
    You may have bloating or a feeling of gas in the intestines.

    Other intestinal symptoms

    Some people may have lower abdominal pain with constipation that is sometimes followed by diarrhea. Other people have pain and mild constipation but no diarrhea.

    Symptoms that are sometimes present include intestinal gas and passage of mucus in stools.
    Nongastrointestinal symptoms
    You may sometimes have other symptoms that don't affect the intestines, such as:

    Anxiety or depression.
    Unpleasant taste in the mouth.
    Sleeping problems (insomnia) not caused by symptoms of IBS.
    Sexual problems, such as pain during sex or reduced sexual desire.
    Heart palpitations (feeling like the heart skips a beat or is fluttering).
    Urinary symptoms (frequent or urgent need to urinate, trouble starting the urine stream, trouble emptying the bladder).

    Symptoms often occur after a meal, during stressful times, or during menstruation.
    Also it is not uncommon to have IBS and IC read more

    It can be disheartening to have to deal with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bladder problems at the same time. You may find some comfort in learning that you are not alone. Understanding what might be behind your double distress can help to point you in the direction of treatment options that will be of benefit for both problems.
    Bladder Symptoms and IBS

    Some researchers have estimated that urinary symptoms may be experienced by more than 50 percent of IBS sufferers. These symptoms include:

    Urinary urgency
    Frequent urination
    Nocturia (need to get out of bed to urinate)
    Incomplete emptying of the bladder

    There is also some evidence that women who suffer from IBS also may be more likely to experience urinary incontinence than women who do not have IBS.
    Talk To Your Doctor

    If you are experiencing both bowel and bladder symptoms, make sure to bring both to the attention of your doctor. You can then work with your doctor to come up with relevant diagnoses, identify what factors might be contributing to both disorders, and develop a plan for best managing both problems.

    Your doctor may identify your problems as being related to one of the following diagnoses, which have been associated with a concurrence of IBS and bladder problems. Learning more about each can help lead you to some helpful treatment options.

    Interstitial Cystitis (IC):
    Otherwise known as painful bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis is a condition in which a person experiences chronic pain and discomfort associated with the bladder. Both IC and IBS have been associated with visceral hypersensitivity. In terms of identifying causes to explain an overlap between IC and IBS, researchers have been looking at the role of inflammation, a "cross-sensitization" among the nerves of the gut and bladder, and other possible centralized dysfunction.

    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
    Pelvic floor dysfunction is a condition in which the muscles found within the pelvis that are responsible for coordinating urination and defecation do not work as they should. Having such a dysfunction might well explain why a person would suffer bowel and bladder symptoms simultaneously. If you are diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction, you will find that there are a variety of treatment options available, depending on the severity of your condition.

    Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CP/CPPS):
    Some men may find themselves with the misfortune of suffering from this chronic form of prostatitis alongside IBS. CP/CPPS results in a variety of symptoms, including urinary pain, urgency and incontinence.

    Urge Incontinence:
    This urinary disorder results in symptoms of urinary urgency and involuntary urine passage. Research regarding an overlap between urge incontinence and IBS is quite scarce. Urge incontinence requires a complete medical workup as a variety of different health conditions may be at the root of symptoms.
    Mention all of your Symptoms to your DR/ or ER Nurse/ Dr. I have found that writing them down, when they happen,what happens before ( like eating ) and what you ate/Drank.

    I recently had to go to ER and then a New Dr. I wrote up on my Computer & printed out all of my Symptoms. I had a List Like .

    What it Feels Like..
    When it happens..
    What I did before Symptoms started...
    What I do to Relieve or Avoid Symptoms...

    My New Dr. was very Impressed, she said it made it much Easier for her to get the " Gist " of things and be able to actually look back on my symptoms, while trying to Diagnose my Problem. She didn't have to ask me 20 questions and " Drag out of me " all the Symptoms. There were all there for her in Black and White. And could take a Symptom and ask more detailed questions.

    Also Try Oatmeal to sooth the Stomach and Digestive Track. Oatmeal is a " soother " they use it in baths for Itches and Rashes. It has always helped me & I always used it when my Kids had Tummy Aches.

    Hope you feel Better, it does sound like IBS to me. But I'm not a Dr. But If you have everything listed, your Dr. may " Click " on the combined symptoms and come up with a Solution. Remember your DR. is Human, they may miss hearing a certain Word or Symptom. And if you have many symptoms, they may " hear " only they Most " Attention " getting ones and not the subtle ones that put the Puzzle together .


    • Keep a daily record of all your symptoms like Babygirl mentioned. When what happens after taking what medicine with a time record. And I too agree a Dr. will be best to guide you. we all pray you get well back to your good health real soon. Dont panic, because the more you panic the worse you will feel. Also if you believe in the law of attraction, try to think positive and visualize yourself healing and going to work just like old times and soon you will see yourself doing so. God heal you. Buttercup


      • Sending healing vibe's!
        Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.
        Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.

        ~ Mary Jean Irion ~


        • Strongly suggest a visit (or at least a call) to Dr. Douglas Drossman in Chapel Hill, NC. He literally wrote the book on IBS and other hard to diagnose and treat GI disorders. (Google him! He founded and chairs the Rome Foundation.) When he was the co-director of the UNC Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders, it could be hard to be seen by him. But now he has opened his own practice and is seeing new patients. You won't find a more qualified or respected specialist anywhere.
          You'll find him at Chapel Hill Doctors Integrative Health Center


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