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How Does Smoking Harm The Environment?

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  • How Does Smoking Harm The Environment?

    It is a common belief among cigarette smokers that they are only hurting themselves. In fact they are not only hurting themselves, but also the earth.

    These days everyone knows what smoking cigarettes does to our bodies, but the knowledge of what smoking does to the Earth is.
    It is fairly obvious that smoking pollutes the air and quite often the ground. However, it is not always obvious how or how much smoking pollutes. Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals which are exhaled and released into the air and the atmosphere. Approximately 30% of North Americans are smokers, and the percentage goes much higher in developing countries, which means there is a massive amount of pollution being released into the air every day. Trees are often compared to the lungs in our bodies because they perform basically the same functions as our lungs do on a global scale. With all of the pollutants that the trees filter out for us already it seems almost crazy to add more to the air that doesn’t need to be added. We need to breathe, but no one needs to smoke. Not as common. People who love them and the environment.

    The pollution caused by cigarettes does not stop in our bodies or the air; it also affects the land we live on and the water that we drink. Millions of cigarette butts are discarded onto the ground every day. Every year in California the state has a statewide cleanup and cigarette butts account for almost half of the waste that is collected. These are only the ones that are picked up in one state and millions more are never picked up. They end up in the rivers and lakes where fish and animals eat them by mistake and quite often die from it. The rest are left on the ground to decompose which will take an average of 25 years while all of the chemicals and additives leach into the ground and pollute the soil and the plants.It looks unattractive, it is a major fire hazard in dry weather, and it is extremely harmful to the environment.

    Probably the most impacting aspect of cigarettes is actually producing them. There is the land used to grow the crops all over the world that could be put to better use by planting more trees or food for starving children in third world countries. These crops are also often sprayed with a lot of harmful pesticides and chemicals because tobacco is a very fragile plant and is likely to pick up disease. It also takes a lot of trees to produce and package cigarettes. Cigarette manufacturing uses four miles of paper an hour just for rolling and packaging cigarettes. One tree is wasted for every three hundred cigarettes produced. Those trees could be filtering out the pollutants already in the air instead of being chopped down for the cause of adding new ones. There is still the energy and water wasted in manufacturing cigarettes that needs to be considered and with soil depletion and chemical wastage added on top of that it becomes clear that manufacturing cigarettes has an enormous strain on the environment.

    The tobacco industry is quite unwilling to use better technology to reduce the impact they are having on the environment because it would take up too much of their billions of dollars in profit every year. They are often trying to have more trees planted, but since they use trees to dry the tobacco and for rolling and packaging it is probably not concern for the environment, but concern for losing their wood sources that encourage them to do this. They do not care about polluting our bodies so it seems unlikely that they would think twice about polluting our environment.
    The only way to stop them from harming the environment is to stop buying their products. Quitting smoking is hard, but it can be done and it’s not only about the harm smokers are doing to their own bodies, it’s also about the harm they are doing to the earth and the pain that they are causing their friends and families.
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    "One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying."

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  • Nothing much grinds my gears more than to see a motorist tossing a cigarette butt out the window, or a pedestrian tossing a cigarette butt on the ground, like it's nothing. Particularly right now since we have a burn ban and most of those tossed cigarettes are still lit! You can see the sparks fly off them when they hit the pavement... there's a great way to start a grass fire.

    There are days I wish I was a police officer, I would write every one of those people a big fat ticket for littering.


    • The most effective way to protect "mother earth' from the 'poisons' of humans is to stop creating them.


      • Yes, you are right. Even worse is the effect of smoking on a pregnant woman. The healthy development of the child depends on the influx of blood - its reduction means insufficient nutrition, and hence, a slowdown in growth.
        In addition to the fact that smoking and inhaling someone else's cigarette smoke restrict the flow of blood to the uterus, cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen available to the child. The level of carbon monoxide in the blood of a smoking pregnant woman is 600-700 percent higher than that of a non-smoker. Carbon monoxide blocks oxygen, that is, prevents blood cells from transferring oxygen to other tissues. Scientists compare the level of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke with the level of this substance in the car's exhaust gases; and indeed, in the womb of the smoking mother the child literally suffocates. Lack of oxygen can affect the development of almost any organ of the fetus.
        The newest studies suggest that the development of the child's brain is adversely affected not only by the lack of oxygen, but also by the presence of various chemical compounds that can directly damage brain cells. In children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, and especially if they smoked more packs per day, there was a smaller head circumference, a mental retardation at the age of one year, a lower intelligence factor, behavioral problems and worse school performance compared to those children whose mothers did not smoke.
        Even passive smoking harms the child. Non-smoking areas in public places are a step in the right direction, but many of them contain a lot of harmful substances in the air. The attempt to create a zone free from smoking, like trying to chlorinate half of the swimming pool. Environmental pollutants are transported by air. To protect yourself, stay as far away from cigarette smoke.
        The earlier you quit smoking, the healthier you will be, and your child. It is best to stop smoking while you are preparing for pregnancy. Despite the fact that the adverse effect of smoking is considered to be maximum in the first trimester, even the children of those who quit smoking in the late stages of pregnancy are significantly healthier than those whose mothers continued to smoke throughout the term
        Of course, this is easier said than done. Smoking is not just a habit, it's a drug addiction. It's quite easy to give up the habit, especially if you are motivated by a little man growing up in your stomach. Dependence is much more difficult to destroy. Nicotine affects virtually all body systems. In addition, you can develop a habit of pleasant sensations while smoking. It takes some time for the body to feel good without nicotine. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things that you have ever done in your life. Nicotine addiction is very strong, but you just have to try.


        • I seond Nikol2003's post. Smoking during pregnancy is highly risky to the unborn child. I agree with all the other points, too.


          • I fully support the claim that smoking in that way we used to it is harmful to the environment, including wildlife. We people used to get everything from nature to satisfy our needs and never pay back. It cannot continue forever. Smoking is a source of many pollutants of the air, soils, and waters. We can find the cigarette butts even in the deep forest or on the desert beaches. The natural ecosystems suffer from the smoke and chemicals containing in the cigs. I believe we need to make a strict smoking regulation to save the planet we live on. Some interesting readings:
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