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Common Cold Cause Neck Stiffness?

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  • Common Cold Cause Neck Stiffness?

    Does the common cold cause neck stiffness? I've had a runny/stuffy nose for the last 4 days and starting yesterday and worse today I've had a stiff neck. If I look down all the muscles in my lower neck and between the shoulder blades are sore. Not sure if its from sleeping wrong or from the cold. I know that meningitis has those symptoms, but I don't have any "flu-like" symptoms. Just common cold symptoms.

  • Hope you feel better Liz .

    Generally, a cold starts with a sore throat with no respiratory blockage. Later symptoms are a result of the body's defense mechanisms -- sneezes, runny nose, and coughs. Coughs expel the invader while inflammation attracts and activates immune cells. Severe colds can even lead to a slightly stiff neck and mild to severe headaches with a slight fever for some.

    Often confused with influenza, the common cold is caused by a different type of virus and usually does not result in a significantly higher body temperature -- a high fever is a very reliable indicator of the flu.

    Just keep an eye on your temperature, drink plenty of water . I also read that there is a " Best Way " to blow your nose, so as to avoid a sinus infection, Get lots of rest too .

    Here it is .

    Bacteria that are normally present in the respiratory tract can take advantage of the weakened immune system during a common cold and produce a co infection. Middle ear infection (in children) and bacterial sinusitis are common co infections. A possible explanation for these co infections is that strong blowing of the nose drives nasal fluids into those areas.

    The best way to blow the nose is keeping both nasal openings open when blowing and wiping rather than fully covering them, permitting pressure to partially dissipate. Doing so will reduce the pressure that would otherwise drive into the ears or sinuses.

    I'm gonna try this new way of Blowing, next time I get a cold. I hate the Sinus infection part and if I can prevent that I will .. lol
    And sometimes I get a stiff neck too and achey shoulders and upper arms .

    Feel better Soon


    • I OFTEN have a stiff sore neck when I'm sick. Actually it's usually one of my first signs that something isn't quite right.

      Meningitis neck pain is usually much different than flu pain, or other illness. If you can bend your neck forward like you're going to put your chin on your chest without any major difficulty, it's usually not anything as serious as meningitis unless you're having other meningitis like symptoms.

      The last "cold" I had lasted the full 14 days and was a BEAST. Although I didn't have a fever, my body was very uncomfortable.

      Robutussin DM and Ocean Spray (nasal saline) were WONDERFUL to me when I had my last cold. It's super important to get that expectorant in, and the liquid form (vs mucinex pills) seem to work much much faster for me. Plus, the DM relieves mucous and helps relieve an unproductive cough.

      I'm battling a mean sinus infection right now... feeling pretty punky myself. Get well soon friend!
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      • Originally posted by Beautiful Disaster View Post
        I OFTEN have a stiff sore neck when I'm sick.
        Yeah, me too! I always get tense/stiff neck/muscles, which is probably just as much (if not more) from the stress of just being ill and having to deal with all the stupid symptoms than from the illness itself. Plus you sleep like crap when you're sick, so that doesn't help the neck issue, you know?

        Try putting a heating pad or even a pain patch on it...that's what I do, as well as drinking good herbal teas with honey and lemon, and whatever cold meds work. Theraflu also has cold remedies and I've used them, they not only help the combat the illness but they ease sinuses, sore throat, stiff muscles, all of it. I like Theraflu! :- )

        Hope this is useful.


        • Nedi Pot, Nedi Pot, Oh Nedi Nedi Pot. Nedi Pot!

          A great little device that works wonders. Available at most drug stores or pharmacies.

          Important tip: ALWAYS add a bit of salt to the warm water before you run that water through your sinuses. Otherwise, they'll burn like they are on fire!!!!!

          Increase your fluid (water) intake significantly too. The body can only process sixteen ounces an hour so any more than that is not productive. So it is better to sip water all day then chug a bunch at one time.


          • Some neck stiffness is common with a cold.

            I know a way to get a stiff neck. It works much of the time. Go to bed with damp hair in a cold house with your neck uncovered.

            Damp hair can be had from sweating when sick or not drying your hair completely after shower before bed. My house is colder when it is cold and wet outside - prime cold season. I can break the equation by wearing a scarf (even to bed) to keep my neck warm. I also self massage the muscles of the back of my neck and upper back to lessen the stiffening of my neck.
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