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Quick question please help

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  • Quick question please help

    I'm asking this question for my husband
    His right side of his body has been feeling numb for close to 4 days it started in his right hand and has been spreading hes 29 years old has a horrible diet ingests nothing but soda and lots of meat and coffee. Oh and smokes a lot.
    Should we be worried?
    Any advice
    Has this happened to anyone?

  • I would have him see a doctor immediately to rule out a stroke.

    Better safe than sorry.
    Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.
    ― Bodhidharma


    • No medical insurance for him but I guess if it persists we will go to urgent care I guess


      • So sorry to hear of your husband's troubles. Those symptoms certainly are troubling. A couple of things he can do at home without a physicians help are cut out the sodas and red meat. The amount of sugar in each soda equals almost 12 tablespoons of sugar. Imagine going to the sugar jar and eating that much sugar! Red meat has a hard time breaking down in our digestive tracks and can literally sit in the intestines and rot before it is expelled from the body. Cutting out those two things will be hard but can be cut-down over time toward totally eliminating them from the diet.
        Exercise is also very important. It will be hard for him to want to get up and move around. He may not be able to move for very long at first. He could start by walking for five minutes, then increase that amount slowly until he is walking 30 minutes at a time.
        These changes are so hard to make, but hopefully they would be a start to a healthier lifestyle.


        • He needs to seek medical attention. He could have a blot clot. He could have had a stroke. He could be having a heart attack. Insurance or no insurance. I know medical care is astronomical. But you'd choose it over loss of life I'm sure.

          He needs to make serious changes in his lifestyle . ASAP.
          "Be what you're looking for."


          • Thank you for the advice he is very hard headed I've asked him to stop smoking and eat better he won't touch veggie or a fruit at all. He only weighs like 125 but still even though he doesn't eat a lot his diet is horrible. He drinks about maybe 3 cups of coffee and maybe more than 5 sodas a day.


            • Although your husband may be hard headed, you should try to be firm with him. Those symptoms are very scary and I can't help but think that he would rather eat healthy food than be dead. Symptoms like that should have you seeking medical attention immediately! That is very scary. I hope everything is okay.


              • It does scare me but forcing him to do things is not easy i have asked him to get checked out many times but he is a afraid of what they might tell him


                • Oh yes, I totally understand that one! I have experienced that with many people in my lifetime. Extremely frustrating, that is for sure! I do hope that he has a change of heart and realizes that it is in his best interest to try to get on top of that. My personal motto with medical stuff is "better safe than sorry" but I know some people are too scared to even try to handle the situation, so they try to ignore it. Totally normal, human reaction to a scary event.


                  • I am going to try to talk him into it.
                    Thanks for the help


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