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Do I have endometriosis?

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  • Do I have endometriosis?

    Hi everyone. Patti again!

    After researching abit I came acorss the disease: endometriosis.

    I now believe I might have it. I started off having incredibly long crippling painful periods at the age of 10. They were so bad that I took a lot of time off school. They worsened through my teens, when I was 14 they had become crippling. I was literally glued to my bedroom floor crying and screaming with pain. I started Microgynon 30 a few months later after already trying a number of pain killers from my doctor. It helped a bit, shortened my 14 day bleed to now just 5 days (hooray!) I still get some terrible pains but my cycles are shorter so it doesn't have to go on for as long. It was ruining my life before.

    I have had really bad lower back pain since I was 11, I thought maybe I had AS like my dad although you don't start getting that until you're much older. Bad pelvic pains followed not long after and it hurts (pelvis) particularly badly during sex.

    I have other common symptoms with endometriosis like pain whilst urinating, occasional rectal pain, clotted periods, abdominal bloating, cervical pain and a lot of pain in my abdomen.

    Please write back. I'd love some help.
    I don't want to hear about gyno's though, I just want to hear about you and if you have endo or not and would like to share a story or symptoms, thanks in advance Xxxxxxxxx

  • I don't have it personally but I just briefly looked up info on it to see what I think.
    Admittedly your unwillingness to see a gyno makes it essentially impossible to truly determine whether or not you have it.
    What concerns me for you personally is that is can cause infertility, which I know most women would be really upset about (I personally wouldn't care but I know I am the odd one out on this).
    If you do have it, it sounds like you are on the right track for "dealing" with it, for lack of a better word. I am assuming that Microgynon is a BC, which is one of the things they use to help with it.
    However, the only way to really get rid of it, it sounds like at least from what I read, is getting diagnosed and either doing some sort of hormone therapy or sometimes even surgery.
    If you do have it, you sound like you may have a fairly severe case of it since you seem to be experiencing almost every symptom of endometriosis.
    I can definitely empathize with you on the painful, long, heavy, clotted periods. My doctor recently found a small fibroid in my cervix, so I am guessing that might be my problem personally. He says it is really small though, and right now he isn't worried about it. He's changing my BC to loestrin, which is supposed to make your period lighter.
    I don't know how active you are, but online it says things like yoga can help with the pain. As well as acupuncture. I have personally gone to an acupuncturist before for a herniated disc in my back and found it to be extremely helpful. So you may want to consider that as an option.
    Hope this helps!


    • Thank you so much Icj14 for your lovely advice and for looking it up. I joined a website for it but the folks there abuse all the people who aren't entirely sure, grr. But all the lovely folks on here give even better advice.

      Haha, I don't want kids but I had a miscarriage before I went on BC, I didn't mind to much, just a little creeped out. My husband just wanted to check that I was okay (we didn't know I was pregnant); we were absolutely fine but then I read about this and I think my oestrogen went nuts because I was suddenly in tears thinking I might never be fertile but I was thinking what the hell? I don't want them anyway. Geez Some people, hahaha!

      Thank you, microgyon has helped a lot. Being selfish, I just can't have 1 symptom, I want zem all! (Just joking)

      I know, surgery sounds so gross though, I'm such a baby. If it gets worse I'll have to go though...I guess. Yoga sounds like a good idea, I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before. Thanks.

      Oh my goodness, I'm very sorry-that sounds horrible. I've heard that fibroids can be a real nuisance and can hurt like crazy. I hope you'll be alright. I thought I could have a slipped disk because my dad has half a dozen of them as well as AS but now I might have something else instead, grrr...why do symptoms always cross with other things?

      Thank you again for all your help,
      Patti Xxxx


      • I don't blame you at all for not wanting surgery. I would not like the thought of having surgery, either. When I had the herniated disc they wanted me to do surgery and I made it very clear that I refuse to ever have surgery on my back.
        I used to do yoga regularly and loved it! I am trying really hard right now to get back into it. I am just struggling to find the motivation to actually do it. Yoga just seems to solve all problems, if that makes sense haha. I do hope it helps you!


        • Haha, thank you. I'm sick of everyone saying that I need surgery or to go to a gynecologist. They aren't freaking miracles. I prefer more natural things like yoga and herbs. I believe that we could have all the cures to everything naturally, we just don't know them all yet.

          You need some hardcore surgery for endo and I'm not sure I really want my uterus and the rest of me diced up. Ew! Thanks for understanding. :P

          Aw, I'm going to start yoga, I'm looking around town to see if there's a place or anyone knows-that was a very very good suggestion, thanks. <3

          Thanks so much Icj14 for all your help and support. Good luck with your certain thing as well. Xxxxx


          • Do I have endometriosis?

            Hi Patti, Your symptoms sound like it. I ran across a book that sounds like it is worth checking out since you don't want surgery. It seems to emphasize the natural things you prefer. Let me know if you try it. Flagstaff


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