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Please help Sever abdomen pain and cliterous pain

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  • Please help Sever abdomen pain and cliterous pain

    hi Thank you all for taking time to help me.

    I have been getting very bad abdomen pain now for about 5 years some times i cannot even walk in the shops. it feels like im being stabbed but worth then a stich feeling. there are times it will ace and i cannot touch my belly. its now spreading to my chest and my back. i have never had nobody take me serious as im 21 and they keep sending me sti clinic. With this i also get pain during sex for 5 year evern after having my child sex is painful in my belly and its so emotional i have lost my ex partner due to not being able to sleep together properly im so embarressed. im now suffering with cliterous pain jus on the tip i cannot even allow my under wear to touch it or i can cry its no painful walking is agony. also my chest has started to hurt over the last 2 months i could not move becuase i had a sharp pain to the point i actually thought i was going to die. ive had these pains for a long long time and i do not have an sti ive been regualry checked. i have had thrush now 9 times this year and i cannot cope any more im loseing weight and now weigh 8st at 5ft 8 bmi 17.2 im getting sicker and sicker im waking up vomitting i just want this to end please if someone can help me i would be so happy. thank you


  • I really think you should go to a doctor as soon as possible. You could have something internally wrong that could be very serious...
    I help you, you help me, we help each other!


    • i have had this pain too after a yeast infection. actually had it twice in my life.first time i suffered for three months until a docter told me to try a steroid cream and rub in a small amount directly to the cliterous three times a day and it helped. so when i recently had this last month she called me in triminalone acide steroid cream and i felt better in three days. the over the counter cortizone does not work its not strong enough. pray this helps sumone because i know how painful it is. makes you want to vomit and everyone thinks your crazy because they dont see anything wrong. i had to go to four ob/gyns before i got one who knew what to try. also no hot showers or drinking juice seems to make it worse.


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