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hands/ feet swelling on a plane

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  • hands/ feet swelling on a plane

    hi im 22 and ive been abroad on a plane about 10times in my life, i went to TURKEY 2years ago (4and a half hours on plane) and my hands, feet and face swelled up, they stayed like that until i returned home again back to england. as there was no pain it didnt really bother me and i soon forgot about it. last september i went to ibiza for a week, within an hour of being on the plane my feet and hands had swelled up, my feet were on fire and all my veins were sticking out i had to put my legs up on the seat with an icepack on my feet as this is what the air hostess advised. my family history is not very good, my grandads had heart attacks and strokes, so has my mother. my mother also had a blood clot in her leg when she was pregnant with my brother, a stroke at 17, a cardiac arrest at 30 and she now takes betablockers (propranannol i think) to thin her blood. why am i swelling up in heat and high altitude?? and what can i do before i fly to prevent it??

    Melissa x

  • You should definitely talk to your physician about this. There are certain pulmonary events triggered by air travel. Pulmonary Edema is a common one. These events can be fatal. Aspirin may help as it thins the blood, but this is something that is pretty serious and you should consult your doctor before flying again.
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