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Thoughts and Advice on Autoimmune issues

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  • Thoughts and Advice on Autoimmune issues

    I need some thoughts. I have been feeling sick for about a year. My doctor said it was just postpartum and put me on a few different antidepressents. They made me feel worse so I quite taking the medicine. My symptoms include depressed mood, weak muscles, double vision, numbing like feeling in face that comes and goes, slurred speech, states of feeling like I have a hangover, difficulty focusing, dizziness, and body aches.

    I am a single mom of a 15 month old. My career is about to take off. I am worried this might be a long term issue. It affect my daily activities. I'd like to here from other's in simular situations.

    I have an apointment next week with a nerologist. How should I prepare for the appointment and what might I expect?

  • Welcome to WH.

    I am glad that you are seeing a neurologist next week, they will require a complete medical history so if you haven't seen your Doctor for too long, then best to provide further information. They will also conduct a physical examination and focus on cognitive function, nerves,strength, sensation, reflexes, coordination, and gait.

    They may then recommend you for physiotherapy work, or try medication or there could be surgery.

    It will depend on the outcome.

    It could be a pinched nerve somewhere that is triggering all of this.

    If any of our members have suffered anything like this, they will reply but if not, we would love for you to let us know how you got along.



    • Did it just start on its own? Or was there something to trigger the event?
      Pigeonholer extraordinaire!


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