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Under Active Thyroid?

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  • Under Active Thyroid?

    I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with an under active thyroid or hypothyroidism? I am considering having my thyroid checked, because I've suffered from depression for years, and it's not severe depression, but one that just prevents me from being the happy go lucky person I usually am. I have had quite a bit of hair loss over the last few years, nothing that makes me look bald, but it's definitely a lot thinner, lately more constipation, tired and a low libido.

    Any thoughts on these symptoms or experiences? Have any of you had yours tested?


  • Lizzard63,

    Yep! I have hypothyroidism. Was diagnosed in March. My hair is half its thickness, weight gain, fatigue, sleeping disorders, and an array of other things. I had thought originally it was menopause related, but found out they can go together... (when it rains it pours!) lol It would be a good idea to have your TSH and lipids checked , if just to rule it out. I have been taking medication to bring it to an acceptable level. So far it has not reached it, dosage increases every 6to8 weeks. Hopefully it will level off in the next month or two... (fingers crossed)
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    • Have you noticed any physical changes since going on medication for it so far? My doctor asked me about getting it checked the last time I went in for my depression (it's not severe, but as I said, enough to make me not my chipper 'ol self) and I had a few of the symptoms but I asked her if it sounded like I had it and she said no (I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay for the blood tests out of the pocket)...now I kinda wish I would just bit the bullet and got tested.


      • I do not have as much fatigue, but the other symptoms are still present. Out of pocket expense can be high. Is there a local womens clinic that offers a pay according to income..?

        ?? everytime I type womens in this post it comes up twice...? weird.
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        • I doubt it... I don't make bad money, I just have other expenses (house, car, school loans etc.). I probably wouldn't qualify.


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