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Mercury Toxicity

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  • Mercury Toxicity

    Hmm...well, I guess I'll start by say hi. My name's Mel, I'm 25, and I've been suffering many years with moderate mercury toxicity and everything that comes with it: Loss of appetite, irregular and frequent menstruating, arthritis, fatigue, muscle spams, digestive candida overgrowth, headaches, poor balance. I got this way partly from my love affair with raw sushi, but moreso because I work with paint products that I didn't know until recently, contain significant amounts of mercury. I've lost jobs over this, especially because of the fact that my thoughts get mottled and I erratically forget things I need to do.
    I'm trying to piece my life back together and have found a stimulating report with a guy, but I'm scared to death to date or be in a relationship, because I don't know if the candida fungus is still contagious at this point of my treatment. I'm doing very well at acting like it doesn't bother me, but I've ended up isolating myself and focusing all my time on getting back to the health I used to have, get a job, and live on my own again.
    I don't need answers, I know every treatment available and my doctor's taking great strides to help me get well. I just wanted to tell someone, really.

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