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Food poisoning?

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  • Food poisoning?

    Hi all,

    This post is about my boyfriend. He came home last night from work not feeling well. He was dropped off at a fast food place before work because our lift was in a rush. He said that after eating he felt stomach discomfort and wasnt hungry. Last night he had a terrible fever, complaining that he was cold when he was burning hot and woke up a few times to vomit. He now says that when he is standing he feels like he has a spiky ball in his stomach. Could this be food poisoning? Has anyone had something similar happen?

  • It could be. I had it some years ago. It lasted about 3-4 days. I literally wanted to die the first day. I had diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pains, cold-sweats, and it just felt like the darkest of dark clouds was enveloping me. The mental effects were the most surprising. I've never felt that way before or after and I have been very sick or been in severe pain on other occasions.

    I fought through mine without medical treatment, but seeing a doctor is not a bad thing.

    Edit: Mine was from fast food too.
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    • He should see a doctor as soon as possible. The vomiting and diarrhea is weakening enough that he should see a medical doctor right away.


      • The symptoms are definitely of food poisoning. In last two months, my husband had suffered from food poisoning 4 times. I got food and water poison detection & found the level of sulphites very high which was the reason of frequent food poisoning cases.
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        • Food poisoning is a common, yet distressing and sometimes life-threatening problem for millions of people in the U.S. and throughout the world.


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