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Weight Fluctuation - In Men

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  • Weight Fluctuation - In Men

    So the boyfriend was wondering ...

    Lately he's been weighing himself in the mornings and then later in the day and noticing some odd differences, assuming the scale's not wonky. For example today, this morning he weighed in at 182, but in the evening he was 189. I know you may add a pound or two what with eating and clothes and whatnot, but is a 7 pound difference still normal? I never vary anywhere near that except in extreme circumstances (illness etc.). He hasn't been much of a self-weigher so he doesn't really have a baseline to go off of to gauge the variation.

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  • I used to work for an insurance company and we always said that weight could fluctuate 5 lbs in a day. So when we were trying to get people under weight we'd give them a "pencil diet". Personally, when I've done fasts and weighed myself at different times of the day I've noticed fairly large differences. Clothes can add a lot too. Another thing that can throw the scale off is an uneven floor. I've gotten differences based off where on the floor the scale is placed.

    My guess is that if you weigh him with the exact same clothing, in the exact same spot you won't see that big of a difference. But a few pounds is normal.
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    • Could be temperature affecting the scale. If you have a sand bag or something else reasonably heavy, try the scale in the morning and evening and see how it works. Doctor's offices use expensive balance scales for a reason. (here I'm assuming you have a standard bathroom scale - if not, then never mind).


      • Thanks you two. He's seen it at both his place and mine (bathroom scales, yes). We'll check out the floors, but good to know it's not necessarily an OMG moment.
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