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What could this be? Please help! I need a solution finally!

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  • What could this be? Please help! I need a solution finally!

    I'm getting really frustrated about finding out my health issue and I'd be more than grateful if you could help me in any way.
    A couple of years ago I went to visit several doctors to find a solution for my problems, but in the end all of them said that what I've been experiencing is due to teenage hood. I was told that I have nothing to worry about and everything will be fine soon. I moved to a different country, my symptoms got worse. The doctor contributed it to the environment change and assured me that after about a year I'll be okay.
    Now, after two and a half years, my symptoms are getting worse and I'm absolutely sure that this is not the way a 20 years old young woman should feel like.
    I have healthy eating habits, I regularly exercise and stretch (never go into extremes) and I'm trying to keep balance in every area of my life. I have a good social life with friends and family.
    Since I was about 12, I have difficulties with sleeping. Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep and I oftentimes wake up during the night at 2, 3, 4 and 5 am. I don't know why, since my earliest wake up routine has been 6 am in the morning. Nightmares are not unusual, but it's never the cause that wakes me up. I find it uncomfortable, but I'm coping with it by going to sleep early in the evening and taking short naps during the day.
    My hair has started falling out severely from age 12, to the point that I had to cut my beautiful long hair up to my jaw. I lost more than 3/4 of my hair and it continues falling and breaking. I've gotten supplements which helped a little, but not dramatically.
    Now, the things that most concern me. About a year and some time ago I noticed some really uncomfortable changes. I've gotten sensitive to heat and cold, I oftentimes experience heat and cold rushes regardless of the actual temperature. It happened that I felt a tingling sensation in my pinky finger, my side went numb, I got dizzy and my vision got weird. The experience seemed to be like a mini stroke. Not unusual that I get dizzy which is oftentimes accompanied with weird vision. I see 'stars/shiny spots' and my eyesight reduces until the point I can barely see anything but the dots and think I'm going to faint. I tried sitting down, resting, nothing helps. Shortness of breath, heavy breathing and increased heart beat, ringing ear happens several times a month.
    The scariest is that I used to have a very good short as well as long term memory, with excellent concentration and ability to express myself. Now all those are slowly diminishing. I can barely smell anything, and my ability to taste is disappearing. I have problems with reasoning, difficulty with concentration, and memory problems. I am getting clumsy and I noticed that my coordination is not how it used to be. For example, I want to grab something and I grab thin air, instead of the object, although I'm really concentrating to grab that certain thing. In addition to that, I have an increased need for sleep, I have lack of energy, I'm tired all the time. I feel weak, and have a weird discomfort in my body, I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like my body's aching. I get bruises without any particular reason and my lower back pain has tied me multiple times to bed. I've been told by different people that I've changed in some ways, I'm not how I'm used to be.
    I think this is absolutely not how I'm supposed to be feeling at this age. I'm planning to visit the doctor, but I'd like to see what you think what this could be and also to know if you experienced something like this, what it was.
    Thank you for your time, it means a lot to me.

  • Mons, your symptoms sound complex. I am not a clinician so could not even guess what may be the cause. Hope your visit to the doctor works out.
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    • I would suggest requesting a sleep study and an MRI plus blood work for pituitary gland and adrenal gland disorders. If they find nothing there I would personally try going on hormonal birth control. I would also take a multivitamin, oil supplement, and b complex. If your insomnia does not respond the nightmares make me think gabapentin (neurontin brand name) would be potentially helpful. It's used most often for nerve disorders but also helps prevent your brain from going in to the stage of sleep that results in being aware of your dreams followed by short awakenings. The good thing about it is that it rarely has side effects and doesn't interact with much. There are much much stronger sleeping meds but I hate to mention them without a doctor present to consult with because of side effects unless everything else doesn't work.

      Personally I take 200mg seroquel, 300mg trazodone, 1200mg gabapentin, 60mg temazepam, 1000mg otc valerian root, seasonique, a multivitmain and a vit e capsule at bedtime then 200mg seroquel and 30mg temazepam when I wake up between 4-6am. That's the only way I get enough sleep. However there is a more effective med I used to take on our other insurance (it now costs us $1000/month to use) which let me go off nearly all of those meds and that's doral. If you can get it that's the near ultimate and safest strong sleep med. The only 2 better are a similar med used for sedation before surgery which has the risk of slowing your breathing and can even cause death so it's rarely used outside a supervised hospital setting. Then there is a legal form of ghb but practically no insurance will pay for it and like doral it's not affordable if your insurance doesn't cover it.


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