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Possible UTI but I'm not entirely sure..

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  • Possible UTI but I'm not entirely sure..

    Okay. So I'm 20 years old, female, have had sex, and I have had a UTI before.

    Recently I started having symptoms similar to a UTI but it's not the same as before. It's itchy rather than painful and it's not always there. When it is I get the urge to urinate, especially right after I just went, but most times nothing comes out, or little comes out. One time I went this pinkish goo like stuff came out, only a tiny piece. The itchiness is right at the opening but when I urinate I get a slight burning feeling in my bladder. No blood has come out like last time I had a UTI.

    Everywhere else I've looked points towards UTI or similar. It started shortly after I had sex. My hope is that it's not a sign for being Pregnant, as I am not financially stable nor am I in a relationship. I know I can take a test, but I also want to know, in case I'm not, what it could be. Any help would be amazing!!

  • My wife has had those a few times over the years. Those sound like her symptoms (except the pink goo. I don't remember that).

    We actually talked about this two days ago because we heard that her "cure" doesn't work. It's cranberry juice - that and a lot of water. She said she still believe it works. It gets the job done every time.

    Shortly after we married, my cousin (an ob-gyn) told me that women are more prone to these because of your shorter urethras. It's easier to get foreign matter into them. I'm guessing it's because sex almost always results in our urethras being flushed out we just don't get them much. So what can you do? Pee afterwards.

    My wife almost never gets them anymore since she's been making an effort to do that.
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    • Sounds like a UTI. I would suggest you see your doctor. A course of anti-biotics should do the trick. But it is always best to consult a doctor because if it is a yeast infection, then the antibiotics will make it worse.
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      • Sounds like a UTI to me. Probably won't get better on it's own and can move into your kidneys if it gets bad enough. See a doctor. Most walk in clinics can even test for UTI.
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        • See your GP and/or gyno. Maybe you have both, but it sounds like a UTI at least. In the meantime, drink a lot of water, and pure cranberry juice. Get the juice that has no added sugars, just juice. It's more expensive but it will help, until you can see your doc.


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