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  • accepting help

    So I had another fall, it's not unusual but I injured my wrist again, not a fracture exactly but I sprained it pretty bad, I had to wear this thing which immobilizes the wrist and fiingers, I just have to wear it for a few weeks,
    So I can't exactly change the diapers with just one hand so my mother is currently changing me which is kind of awkward since she hasn't done that since I was small. This happened yesterday so she changed me only twice and it's like such an awkward situation. Looks like I'll have to bear it for the next three weeks, or until I figure out a way to change by myself.
    Anyone experience anything similar where you had to get help from someone. I know I'm lucky my mom's free enough to do this for me and I'm utterly grateful, but having to wear protection is kind of an embarrassing thing so even with my mother it's kind of awkward.

  • Not to that extent, but I couldn't walk a few years back because of a heel spur. I needed my wife's help, especially before I got a crutch.

    At one point I was sitting on the toilet and I didn't know how I would clean myself. The thought crossed my mind that I might need my wife to do it and it was terrifying. I sympathize with you.
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    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • Hey girl. Happy to see you back! I'm so sorry you had a fall and got injured but SO glad it's not fractured. A sprain can sometimes be more painful than a fracture, but at least it will heal on it's own with the right immobilization.

      In 2011 I had an accident. I fractured my elbow and busted the connective tissue on my left thigh. I have a very difficult time pulling my own pants up, or even wiping myself when that arm was immobile. And my thigh was in so much pain! So, I ended up wearing long baggy dresses until it healed so I could avoid the pants. There were definitely things during that time I could not do and had to have help from others. I can imagine that what you're going through is much more humiliating and I'm so thankful for you that you have your mom's help. If it were me, my mom would joke and say "I've changed your diapers a few times before....guess it won't hurt me to do it a few more times!". Or "Well, someday you'll be changing mine so you can pay me back!"
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      • I really hate asking for help...so I feel for you dear. I have back and neck issues, so occasionally I will be immobile from it. I wouldn't allow my husband to help me, as it's just difficult for me to ask for help.

        A couple years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, and I was forced to ASK for help from friends. I have no family close by, so I had to ask friends for assistance at times. Accepting that I am not as independent as I thought, was difficult to say the least. I wasn't able to walk normally, would lose balance so steps were prohibited. But I did it anyway out of stubbornness.

        I've not had a more intimate need for help such as your own, but I feel for you. That would be tough for me too.

        Sorry about your sprain! I hope it heals fully and quickly!


        • Thanks, for me it's just a little hard to come to terms with cause I'm getting changed 4 someone's 5 times in a day.... Don't get me wrong, I'm so lucky my mother is home these days to help me through it, I can't imagine how awkward it would be with someone else..

          Beautiful Disaster I normally wear dresses which makes it easier for myself to change, it's so convenient. I'm in this online support group for incontinence where most of the people are guys and they have so much trouble with pants and the protective underwear. It's usually impossible for me to change with pants with my prosthetics unless it's a handicap bathroom or at home....

          I'd hate to ask friends for help, I don't know why....I just don't really ask for help in general.....
          Even at physiotherapy I'm known as the stubborn one , not really a good thing entirely.


          • I'm sorry to hear that you had a fall, miahere. I hope your wrist heals soon. Best wishes.
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            From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


            • Falls aren't a new thing for me but I usually don't brake anything, there was only one time I did when I fell in someone's toilet and that was embarrassing enough....... Either way I'm kind of scared of getting sick or getting injured, someone's I would have to resort to someone's help cause moving around is already hard for me. Anyway thanks for the well wishes.


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                • I'm sorry to hear of your fall. I hope you heal soon.


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