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Personality test

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  • Personality test

    has anyone taken the Myers Briggs personality test?

  • yep, I did....long time ago and I cannot remember what my result was...
    now I'm going to be wondering.



    • Personality affects relationships and there is a lot of relationship type posts on this forum.


      • INTJ, which I think is different from what I got before...But that was probably 10 yrs ago.


        • find the whole personality thing interesting


          • I agreed with the assessment before...not so much now tho. I know that I have changed in the past few years, but didn't think it was so dramatic to have changed my type lol


            • I'm an INTJ. Years ago I was an ENTJ, but both times I was nearly middle of the road between the I and the E. I have definitely gotten a bit more introverted in the past few years.
              "Be what you're looking for."


              • The test I took was only about 10 min.


                • The one I took years ago was at a meeting for work. It was more to assess our functions within our team, and their goal was to reassign us, hoping to achieve some balance. Some big time consultant was there running the session, and ultimately, nothing changed.
                  Seems like it was a much more intense session than the quiz I took online this week. There was a whole booklet we went thru.


                  • took the test again
                    it changed from the last time I took it


                    • maybe these tests aren't that accurate as can't see why my results would change


                      • I may well take this test. I'll Google it! It sounds intriguing.


                        • Originally posted by Popcorn&Candy View Post
                          I may well take this test.
                          do and let us know what you find out


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