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Could rape change my body ?

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  • Could rape change my body ?

    Last edited by bohoJane; 03-31-2018, 08:31 AM.

  • Welcome to WH, BohoJane!

    Some women naturally have naturally large breasts, some have small. The ones who have large breasts will have had them grow at some time. If something happened at the time they started to grow, a person's mind might draw parallels and think of it as a cause and effect. It's part of the mind's pattern recognition mechanism. In this case, the pattern recognition is not correct. Perhaps a psychologist could help you consciously and subconsciously recognize that the rape and your breasts starting to grow were purely coincidental. However, there may be correlation between the hormonal changes from your start of menstruation and your breast size. Weight gain can lead to breast size increase. Pregnancy can lead to breast size increase, part of which is due to the weight gain. If the woman loses the weigh gained during pregnancy and quits breast feeding, her breast size will reduce somewhat.

    Surgery to reduce breast size for overly large breasts is a viable option. Best wishes and good luck.
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    • I agree with jns. I think it's purely coincidence. You were raped at a time in puberty when your body just happened to be experiencing lots of changes. Your mind drew a line there and believes it's related.

      I doubt you'll find any valid research to prove, or disprove, your theory.

      I have smaller breasts than my Mom and sister. I am sure it isnt a result of any circumstances that occurred or didn't occur in any of our lives.

      I hope that you have seen a counselor for rape trauma. I bet they also can help you deal with the depression thats resulting from the rape. My hunch is your mind is fixated on the breast size caused by rape question, to divert your attention from the very deep hurt and fears you have deep inside, that are not easy to accept and process.

      Many hugs. I hope you can find some relief from the grieving and overcome the depression.


      • There was an old wives tale that I'd hear when I was growing up that young women would develop more feminine features after sex.

        The problem with any idea that we hold is something called confirmation bias. It's when we tend to interpret information as supporting the idea we already hold. It could be a treasured idea, but fear could also be the motivator. One of the best way for this to work is anecdote - when we focus on specific cases that seem to support what we say. "Joe's sister's butt started to get big when she lost her virginity."

        The way to get scientific with it and thereby rule out bias, is to widen our view. First, we could ask questions about the situation, somewhat like you have already. Do the women in joe's family have big butts? But we wouldn't stop there. We'd ask if joe's sister was going to develop anyway because she wasn't finished with puberty? We'd also start to look at other women - so, pull out random women who had sex and who had not and see if the sex itself made butts bigger.

        What we'd undoubtedly find is that people simply develop differently regardless of sex. There are plenty of women who have been raped that don't have large breasts. Don't just look at Oprah and ignore them. Also, even with the same genetic pool, there's a wide degre of variation. Even people with the same parents can be all over the place with different traits.
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