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  • Take Time to Relax

    Meditation, Relaxation and Self Hypnosis: Finding Your Secret Place

    Meditation, self hypnosis, and deep relaxation techniques all focus on one thing: opening your consciousness to a different level of yourself. Scientific observation of people doing these things has shown that your brainwaves really do change during these practices. Few people know, without being taught by a therapist or in a meditation class, how to change their consciousness level in this way.
    It's actually quite simple. My practice involves finding your "secret place," a dream realm that exists at the top of your subconscious, a place where you are all-powerful and all-knowing. Descending to this place for even a few minutes is a remarkably restful and relaxing experience; when you come out, you may even feel as if you'd had hours of sleep. It can alleviate tension and stress, and it can open up your creativity, particularly when practiced frequently.

    Self-Relaxation: Preparation

    Start by finding a place that will be quiet for at least a half-hour. Dim lighting is better than complete darkness, but silence is essential. You don't want any distractions coming in through your ears.

    You should also be able to remove any constricting clothing: belts, tight pantyhose, shoes, uncomfortable bras - anything that makes you think of your body. Likewise, a place to recline comfortably with your feet up is necessary.

    My ideal place is my bedroom, or my office sitting in a moon chair with my feet up. You may be able to find an area in your workplace that is suitable, or even out in your car.

    If you only have a spare bit of time, a gentle alarm might also be a good idea. This relaxation technique puts some people to sleep. Don't use anything jarring - instead, use an alarm with classical music set to go off, or anything else that will awaken your body to the outside world without shaking you out of your secret place. It's always better if you can bring yourself out without a shock.

    The Self-Relaxation Technique

    Once you're settled in and ready to go, close your eyes. Start by picturing the color red, all by itself. If you have trouble picturing red, try thinking about things that are red: cherries, lips, firetrucks, sunsets. Gradually divorce the thing from the color until all you have left is the color, filling your mind.

    You are now all red. Move down a shade, to orange. Again, if you can't picture orange by itself, visualize an orange, or street cones, or flames. Divorce things until you have the color, and then move down again, to yellow.

    Repeat this process, moving in this fashion:






    Violet or Purple

    At last, end with indigo. This is a color that occurs rarely in nature, a shade between blue and purple. If you're familiar with it, fine; if not, just get as close as you can. Your personal indigo is always better than a defined indigo.

    Let this indigo fill your mind. Then your body. Visualize yourself surrounded by an indigo glow, with everything around you colored in indigo because you're seeing through an indigo fog. Now open your mental eyes.

    You will find yourself at the end of a hallway, looking down it. Your hallway may be large or small, with or without doors, short or long. Step out of the indigo glow and walk down the hallway, seeing each step as you move. Look around if you like, but don't stop anywhere. Your goal today isn't in the hallway, but at the end of it.

    You will come to a set of stairs. There are exactly 23 stairs down, and this is where you must go. Again, visualizing each step, walk down the stairs. You are light, so you won't fall, but you can hold to the sides if you wish.

    At the bottom of the stairs is a door. Open the door and walk through it.

    This place is your secret place. It can look any way you wish. Do you love the Trevi Fountain? Put it here, and sit next to it as the water plays. Do you dream of a Montana ranch with horses? That can be here too. Shape your place any way you desire - your dream house, an underwater retreat, a castle in the clouds - and do what you wish.

    Just rest here for a while, as long as you can. Feel the tension and negativity drop away from you as you dangle your fingertips in your fountain, or browse the books in your endless library, or inhale the sweet breath of your thoroughbred horses.

    When you are ready to leave, just turn around. The door you came through is behind you. Open it, and walk back up the stairs, visualizing each of the 23 steps. Walk back down the hallway. At the end is the indigo mist. Step into it, and rise back up through your colors: indigo, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. With red, let it fill your body as the indigo did earlier, than wash away, leaving only you.

    Take three deep breaths, letting your external senses wake up again: your hearing, sense of touch, sense of smell. Then open your eyes. You should feel refreshed and relaxed and ready to go on with your day. You will probably also find that you spent far less time in your secret place than you thought you did!

    Remember that you can go back to your secret place whenever you wish.

    Suggested uses for this technique include:

    ** Breaks during your stressful workday
    ** Relaxing into sleep (just don't come back up out of your secret place, but instead go ahead and take a nap there - you'll wake up normally)
    ** Refreshing yourself when you've had too little sleep the night before
    ** Revitalizing your mind before a major test or other mental challenge

    Or anything else along this line.

  • I like this. I shall use it.


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