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"Unrest" documentary

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  • "Unrest" documentary

    "Unrest" a documentary on chronic fatique syndrome or M.E.
    will be featured on PBS January 8

  • on tonight, 10 pm


    • anyone watch?


      • I didn't see this. I have heard of M.E. It is a hard condition for people to understand. Feeling exhausted all the time must be awful and it isn't being lazy: despite what many think. You can't see M.E but it affects many people. Lying in bed with it - again - is not lazy and slacking off. I hope the programme showed this. Illness is not always visible.


        • Originally posted by Popcorn&Candy View Post
          Lying in bed with it - again - is not lazy and slacking off. I hope the programme showed this. Illness is not always visible.
          it did
          the person who did the documentary showed film of her active life before and what her life is like now
          others were also filmed to show their lives

          film maker tried many things like antivirals, going to a dry climate, diet changes, injections, pills, etc
          some things helped for a short time and she'd be up walking but then next thing you know she would literally collapse on the ground from exhaustion and be bedridden again

          one younger person (20's) with ME had already developed osteoporosis from being bedridden
          an older couple was taking care of their son with ME and he was totally stationary in bed and was fed by TPN
          so many serious, sad cases


          • I happened to see the show on and stayed up to watch it last night.

            I did a little reading on her afterward. Turns out that she is now on 2 antiviral meds and able to care for herself, so she's had some improvement.

            I hope that means they're finding some treatments to help these people.

            I was in tears twice during the show. Some of the scenes hit really hard for me. Glad I watched.
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            • glad you were able to see the documentary, kitty


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