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A Hysterectomy at 23 years old

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  • A Hysterectomy at 23 years old

    I am getting a hysterectomy at 23 years old. My husband and I have decided we don't want kids and I have cysts on my ovaries slightly smaller than baseballs. Instead of being on the operating table for who knows how many surgeries over the next lifetime, I've decided to just take care of the problem. I've done my research and I'm slightly scared of the long-term effects, even with hormone treatments. Is there anyone out there who has had a hysterectomy at such a young age? How is your overall health?

  • Best wishes on the surgery.
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    • The only one I've known get a hysterectomy early was for cancerous reasons. She had a rare cancer and she opted for full hysterectomy early, in her late 20's or so. Mid 40's she had odd changes and late 40s she was looking like a man. She passed away early 50's.

      Whether it was the hormones, the cancer, the drugs or a combo, no one knows but my thought is, don't strip the body of it's natural given place unless absolutely necessary. She had a prophylactic hysterectomy.

      If cysts are your only risk, I'd wait it out. I had horrendous pain with cysts around age 25, but by 30 it was over. Also, many women don't feel an urge to have children until their 30's. I never had a maternal urge until around 32 or so.

      What other reasons do you have for a hysterectomy so early?


      • If you feel it is the right decision that is your prerogative: and rightly so. I hope you recover quickly from the surgery.


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