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Medical Advertising

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  • Medical Advertising

    I haven't had occasion to watch TV regularly in years. I have added an antenna so I have some local channels now and I cannot believe the number of commercials for drugs, hospitals, rehab centers, etc.

    There's something so bothersome about this. I see doctors and facilities on billboards and so on.

    Your thoughts?

  • It's partly because the population is becoming older and sicker.

    I have mixed feelings about drug companies. I've taken drugs and they've worked wonders for me - mostly because of intense pain and inflammation. Just like I've needed them, I know others do too. They serve a purpose. At the same time, the drug companies strike me as greedy, self-serving enterprises that often put profits before people.
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    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • Kitty, I usually mute commercials; the remote right next to me if I'm sitting

      but if doing something, have accidently heard a few of those medical commercials.....very annoying!


      • There is a lot of medical advertising, but I take them with a pinch of salt. I do take medications and I am very glad for them. But, as with everything, these companies are turning over a profit. Maybe that is what drives the world. But that is for a deeper conversation. Basically, I don't mind the adverts: I just flick over to another channel.


        • I have nothing against needed drugs and the companies that research and develop them making a profit on their use.

          It's just sad to me...there's something odd about pushing the drugs. Seems like our care is driven by the drugs available.

          I also find it sad every time I'm in my market and see that the pharmacy line is longer than the grocery lines, which is almost always the case.
          Just sad. We are dependent on drugs so heavily.


          • Bothersome to me because it's become an industry of huge profit. Drugs should be researched and developed for one reason and one reason ONLY: to make people better whether treating symptoms or curing ailments and disease.

            I had a toenail fungus back in college on one toe. Went to a podiatrist, did everything I was told to do to make it go away an it didn't. I had it for several years. All of a sudden, it went away. Fast forward ten years, it came back, same toe, same type of fungus, everything. Dermatologist prescribed me a new drug, a liquid to brush on it called Jublia. It just so happened that at that time I had met my $2600 deductible for that year, and he gave me a coupon so I only paid maybe $30-$40 dollars for it. The stuff WORKED when nothing else did!!!! The new year came and it was time for me to get a new bottle (I was supposed to use it for three months). My deductible reset back to $2600. I called the pharmacy to refill and found out it was going to cost me $950. NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for a bottle smaller than fingernail polish, of liquid to brush on my tiny little toenail. "What would it cost me if I did not have insurance" (even though my insurance was covering $0 of it due to my deductible)? $150. Either way, ridiculously priced. I decided that if the fungus came back, I'd just have to live with it despite the discomfort it caused.

            Now, imagine that for a life saving drug. It happens every day.
            "Be what you're looking for."


            • ^yep, I hear ya BD.
              After all my experience in the medical "industry", I'm gaining more and more a distaste for what it's become.


              • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
                After all my experience in the medical "industry".
                kitty, are you a nurse or nurse practitioner?


                • I'd rather not say specifically, but I will say that I don't work directly with patients in the way you'd think lol


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