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  • does anyone hear cracking noises in their neck sometimes?

    don't think it did that before


    • I have always been able to "crack" just about every joint (and then some)... I would crack and pop my neck several times a day since high school, and it stayed relatively pain free. A year or two before my health failed, I stopped being able to crack my neck and back...and that's when I can remember some pain creeping in.
      I thought maybe I had Ehler Danlos at one point...

      Anyway, yes. To answer your question. I've been working hard to get the flexibility, mobility and strength back in my neck and back. It actually cracked for the first time at the gym a few days ago, and it felt so good!!!

      For me, I think the lack of mobility and flexibility in the joints, has just diminished my ability to get enough crank in my neck to let the joint "pop". When I was getting trigger point therapy, it cracked a few times...

      I'm not suggesting this is good or bad for you or anyone. For me, it relieves a lot of pain and pressure in my joints.
      The cracking sounds heard, are believed to be air or joint fluid buildup being released from the capsule. Keep in mind also, your neck being so close to your ears, you probably hear it louder, and possibly even hear those tense muscles and ligaments in there stretching. For me, I think it's a lifetime of mild inflammation that has just done too much damage.


      • thanks for answering atskitty2


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