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  • Marry gold
    started a topic Depression



    Hello everyone! I Hope you are Fine.I ask Some Question Today.Please reply me.

    Topic about Depression answer the Following question.

    Should my depression be treated with medicines, psychotherapy, or both?
    How might depression affect my appetite and weight?
    How could depression affect my sleep?
    Could my depression be causing me physical pain?
    Could other health conditions be contributing to my symptoms of depression?
    Do I need medicine to treat my depression?
    What are the side effects of this drug?
    Do the symptoms of depression need special treatment?
    What kind of lifestyle changes will help with my symptoms of depression?
    What about alternative treatments?
    What should I do in an emergency?

  • Popcorn&Candy
    I expected more traffic than this thread has gotten [even though I did not start it]. Is anyone else with an opinion, thought or just a rambling?

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  • Sammy23
    I have such diagnose too. My doctor prescribed treatments. And one of the components is communication. She recommends me to visit support groups. Also, I have a list of drugs which I should take, and it makes me feel afraid. I read about addiction a lot. I found statistics about women's addictions on Addiction Resource yesterday, and that's very shocking. Doctor said that it's not my situation. She think I worried too much...

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  • Popcorn&Candy
    I think you've started a fascinating thread. My father had depression many years ago and it affected him badly: although I cannot speak for him. I don't have time now, but I shall post again in the next few days. I am sure you'll have received a lot of traffic by then.

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