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I hurt my ankle during my trip. Should I get a check up?

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  • I hurt my ankle during my trip. Should I get a check up?

    I’m currently on tour for a social dating tour and I’ve recently hurt my ankle pretty bad the other day. I wouldn’t call it an urgent medical emergency but it is painful enough for me to consider getting it checked on. My question is, should I get it when I get back or here? The thing is, I’d have to skip a day of the tour just for the check up and I don’t really want to because it’ll be a waste of money and time. I’m also unfamiliar with the area as well so, I’ll have to either go on my own or ask someone from the staff if it’s possible. Need some suggestions on this though to make sure.

  • How much longer will your trip last? You could get an appropriate sized ace (elastic) bandage or equivalent and wrap the ankle for support. Icing the ankle may be critical so there is minimal swelling. Swelling could lead to complications such as cutting off circulation and that could necessitate a hospital stay. Maybe there is a local clinic you could go to. Where are you visiting?
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    • I agree with jns. I hope your ankle gets better soon.


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