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How Do You Motivate Yourself?

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  • Originally posted by Popcorn&Candy View Post
    Funnily enough, Mr Mr, when I was a lot younger [prior to 20 years old] I wrote a list on my then-computer of what I wanted to do with my life. It included getting more qualifications, getting my writing published, getting an office job, getting my own apartment, going to the theatre and cinema, etc. And the great thing is, I have done all of this and more! It took a few years but I achieved it. I still do activities, too: such as on the Bank Holiday weekend I went out & about with my sister. We ate out for lunch. We did lots of things. And it really cheered me up! My sister was happy I was enthusiastic, too. Just doing things made my mood much more positive. Because sitting alone in an apartment is lonely. And it can magnify fears. I definitely feel DOING things is key. Even if I'm nervous, once I do it, it is all good.

    I am thankful for all your advice, too: you have all helped.
    Even if you are lacking new objectives to set then writing down your current achievements is a great way of recognising how far you've come.

    reading your achievements inspired me!


    • I will definitely do so, MrMr.

      Enjoy your Sunday!


      • This is such an interesting question though I'll give it a try. I like to watch entrepreneurs on their journey successes and failures that I can learn from and that inspire me for the future. I read a lot of books because they help me to look to the future and because I run a business so I love the inspiration. I also love to do positive declarations every morning of who I am , what I want to achieve and what I want to see in my life. I tell you when am done I feel like I can do anything. I also love to listen to upbeat music while I work keeps me motivated or when am a bit down. Hope I have answered the question.


        • It just gets difficult - emotionally - to deal with other people's problems. I have been known to be a bit of an agony aunt and my best friend and sister do tell me things. Now, I also have to deal with their temper on occasion. If they are having a bad day, they should tell me and not be moody for a few hours, which I hate. I refuse to be someone's scapegoat. Yes: they're having a bad day but I am NOT an emotional punchbag. I really want to walk out the room and say good riddence. Or even yell at them "Get over it!" and really shock them to their senses. I'm a nice person: this does not equal fool.

          The point I am making is I make my dreams come true, but others have tried to get in my way and this drives me nuts. I can do stuff and I can succeed. But - sometimes - others get in my way and try to trample on my dreams. And it makes me furious. Dreams can come true, but others don't think they should.


          • Originally posted by Popcorn&Candy View Post
            sometimes - others get in my way and try to trample on my dreams.
            best not to tell anyone one that you personally know your dreams

            hold on to your dreams and when you achieve them, you'll be happy


            • When I was at school, amy40, I loved books [and still do]. I always wanted to write my own books, but never shared this dream with anyone. So I did school without letting any one know. Years later I have had books published, but still - there are people against me. This sounds paranoid, but it isn't paranoia. Even in the adult world people can have their dreams trampled on. It makes you realize the difference between the Mariah Carey's of the world and the average Joe and Jane. For people like Mariah Carey, Madonna, U2, etc. their emotional strength is astounding. They can handle people and are never branded fools. Whereas some artists only last 5 minutes. In other words, I could be the best author of crime fiction in the world, but if I can't handle people and groups, my work would be over.

              I am not claiming to be these people. I am actually realizing that there is more to success than one or two books. I could be destroyed at any time, because I do not have the strength of Mariah Carey or Madonna. Sure, I got lucky, but am not so arrogant that I think I'll last forever. I will probably be forgotten in years to come. But I am glad to have had 5 minutes of fame.

              That's the best any normal person can hope for.


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