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Multiple Doctors- No answers, help!

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  • Multiple Doctors- No answers, help!

    I am going on a year with health issues- seen 4 doctors- with no answers as to what might be going on. I hope someone sees this post who has similar symptoms or someone who can point me in SOME type of direction!

    For about a year I have had 2 swollen lumps in between my belly button area and vaginal region- the lumps seem to be right around where my ovaries would be located. They grow and shrink in size, They are 2 oval like shapes equally located on both sides of my abdominal region, and run vertically. They are physically visible of being swollen/enlarged (don't know what to call it because no idea what it is) The physical visual of them have been more prominent over the past few months, before it was very inconsistent.

    I have been tested for stds, multiple blood work, and an ultrasound. Negative on STDs, nothing abnormal in bloodwork except neutropenia and slightly low kidney levels (but nothing alarming to doctors. Ultra sound sound possible PCOS but still undiagnosed, and no doctor says I should have physical swelling from PCOS.

    There isn't really much pain, but definitely days of uncomfortable pressure because of the swelling. I have been plant based for 10 years- and celiac for 3 so I avoid all meat produces and gluten. For the most part stick to Whole Foods minimally processed.

    That is the general idea of what I am dealing with, I am just hoping to get any insight from someone who can give me ideas, suggestions, someone who has relatable issues, instead of doctors that just keep doing tests that don't show any actual progress. I have photos of the swelling areas if that would help anyone further.

    Thank you so much for having a platform like this!!

  • What have doctors told you? Are the lumps round and solid? You can sometimes develop "fat lumps" in muscle tissue which can either be messaged away or if they are long term then removed by surgery. If they are fat cells then the doctor would have told you


    • I'm obviously a man and don't know your specific circumstances but my ex had a permanent "fat cell lump" in her breast. I've experienced several different types of lumps in my muscles and genitals which are either fat or calcium cells which develop but eventually go away.


      • Doctors have not told me anything that specifically relates to the swelling. The most recent doctor I saw acknowledged there is definitely swelling but had no answers as to what they are or what is causing the lumps. the lumps are round you can push them and they almost feel like a balloon. They are almost equal on each side of my body same place mirroring each other. they shrink slightly ever now and then but are definitely visible


        • Im sorry its causing you distress. I hope a doctor can help you


          • Did they do internal ultrasound?


            • Could these be lymph nodes?

              There is something called Castleman disease that can affect lymph nodes in the way you're describing. And I think there are some connections between Castleman and neutropenia.

              Clearly, I am no doctor and even if I were I could not make any sort of diagnosis for you over the net, so please do not take my statement as such. I'm just bringing something up for you to inquire about with your physicians.

              "Be what you're looking for."


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