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Sent home from hospital with no answers. HELP

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  • Sent home from hospital with no answers. HELP

    if anyone has shared the same experience as myself please please drop a comment, firstly I’ve had a dull pain in my lower right side for a week now, I was being treated for 3 days for a UTI but I did not have one as results come back clear, I went back to my GP yesterday and they needed me to attend my A&E hospital to test for appendicitis or an ovarian cyst. When I got there they ruled out appendicitis as the bloods where normal. Gynaecology refused to see me as they where ‘too busy’. The consultant insisted that I seen a gynaecologist for a scan as he could not send me home as I was in really bad pain, sharp pain every couple of hours. They done a physical examination and stated my right side of my lower abdomen was tighter than my left side and needed scanned ASAP as they thought I was suffering from Ovarian Torsion. When I went for the scan the Surgeon had no time for me and showed me the scan everything looked normal, she stated there was a Follicle. But never said that that’s why I could be in pain. She then took her gloves off and said that’s me done and I then asked what’s the cause of my pain then? She then said ‘ I don’t know but it’s not Gynae’ I then asked what do I do? Where do I go now? As I was in gynaecology at that time she told me to go home and take painkillers. I’ve been quite dizzy and my blood pressure was high all day while in hospital. My GP stated if pain persists go back, but for what? For them to tell me to leave again? I know there is something not right as I’ve never had this pain before. I also vomited 3 times in the space of 3 days, and haven’t been passing urine properly or bowels have not went in 2 days. The doctor also has all this info. If anyone suffered from anything similar can they please give me some insight on what I should do?

  • Hey Goggle, Dang...this sure sounds miserable. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'll say this first before offering my opinions: you should always listen to your body and your instincts. If you feel something is severely wrong, find a different doctor and get a second opinion.

    My first thought when reading was an ovarian cyst. But it sounds like one was not spotted on a scan. Could there be one so small it wasn't spotted? Sure. And if so and it is that small, nature will likely take its course and you will go back to normal soon.

    Your doctor stating you have a "follicle" stood out to me. To me, this means you are ovulating or about to. While your symptoms do sound more severe than normal, many of the things you describe could indeed be effects from ovulating. Google "mittelschmerz"

    It is also common during certain hormonal fluctuations to experience some constipation. For me, (yeah...TMI) it sometimes happens in the 2-3 days right before I start my period. Bloaty, grumpy AND constipated....just what everyone wants, right? The difficulty passing urine concerns me, though. Are you drinking as usual and just not going as often or what?

    When in a lot of pain, it's normal for the BP levels to elevate especially in acute (versus chronic) pain as it is our body's way of setting off a warning "OUCH...SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT!!"

    So, let me ask you a few follow-up questions:

    When was your last period?
    Do you typically have normal cycles?
    Do you take any form of birth control?
    Are you sexually active?

    "Be what you're looking for."


    • Thank you so much for your reply!!
      the surgeon who done the ultrasound was in such a hurry as the hospital in uk are very short staffed she was about to deliver a Caesarean section so she wanted me in and out as quick as possible. Not sure if there was one so small that it was missed. But I am on a contraceptive pill which I do sometimes forget to take so there is a lot of missed pills. My period was at the start of December but the pill I am on normally let’s me skip the period if I continue to take it, that’s what I normally do (I know I should let my period take its course) before I was ever on anything it would have come at the end of every month whether I stop taking it at the start it still doesn’t come until the end. I have a partner yes who I would be sexually active with. When I am passing urine it’s only a wee dribble not what I’m used to, I do drink plenty of fluids. It’s a dull pain which has been there from last Friday, that’s a week now, I ruled out ovulation as I read online that the pain would only last a few days??? I’m not sure if that’s right every woman’s body could be different but I was given no diagnoses or reason for the pain upon leaving the hospital.


      • Okay, so the fact that you're on a contraceptive pill would normally rule out ovulation since what makes the pill effective is the fact that it STOPS ovulation. However, if you miss a lot of pills...well...that's a really bad thing for your body. So, here's what happens:

        -You take the bc pills which feed your body synthetic hormones to alter it from its natural state. The hormones tell your body that it CANNOT ovulate (which keeps you from getting pregnant). Your body starts to adjust.

        -Then you forget a few pills. Within those days, your body is not receiving those synthetic hormones anymore and therefore, it starts to revert back to it's natural state, producing hormones for ovulation, potential fertilization, etc.

        -Then you take another pill.... and your body says "LOOK LADY....WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!"

        In other words, by missing pills you are putting your body in a constant state of hormonal confusion. And it is possible you've caused ovulation to trigger. And then by taking the pill in the middle of all that, caused a problem with your ovulation.

        So regardless of whether this is or is not what has caused your issue, it'll be super important for you to either take the pill 100% of the time or not take the pill 100% of the time. When I was on it, I had it with lunch each day so that it became part of my routine. I do remember that I was never able to take the "period skipping" types of birth control. They made me cramp almost all month and constantly feel like I was about to start. I also ALWAYS questioned whether I was pregnant or not because I never had a period.

        During my time on the pill, I did experience a couple of ovarian cysts. They were small enough the doctor didn't feel them and therefore didn't do a scan. But I'm certain that's what I had. They made me feel really badly...sometimes for a week or so. I do not remember the urine issue though.

        If I were you...I'd ask for recommendations from friends or family for another OB-GYN and see if you can get into another one for a second opinion. Just for safety and peace of mind. But I'm going to guess your hormones are just super out of whack and this will run its course.

        "Be what you're looking for."


        • Thank you so much for your information it has helped I think I’m going to continue with painkillers over the next few days and If it doesn’t settle I will get a second opinion from a different doctor. But the gynaecologist never mentioned anything to do with ovulation while I was in which is why I was confused as she knew I had missed a few pills and then taking them again surely she would have said. But thank you you’ve been very helpful.


          • You're most welcome!

            When the doctor said you have a follicle - the egg is located inside the follicle. I only assumed since she said she saw a follicle, it meant your body was likely trying to ovulate.

            It doesn't sound like she was super thorough and was in a big rush, so there may be a lot of things she didn't say as a result.

            I think your plan is a good one. Come back and let me know how you're feeling in a couple days!
            "Be what you're looking for."


            • I'm afraid I have no advice, Goggle1 but second Ashlee T.'s advice. I am not an expert at medical matters, you see.

              I hope you do end up getting the treatment you need.

              I do also think you've had shoddy treatment: you were cast aside and these doctors are definitely in the wrong and have been incompetent. If you wanted to take things further, you could officially complain. You've been badly wronged and deserve justice.


              • Hi everyone quick update!! I went to my own doctor again on Monday and they actually thought it was endometriosis and of course sent me down to hospital to then I was told by physical examination that I had a hernia!!! I was shocked but relieved I finally found the reason to my pain. But then I went for an ultrasound and no hernia?? Everything was normal. The doctors in hospital then admitted me where I stayed for the night. I got my urine and bloods tested. Bloods where normal and there was blood found in my urine. Nothing to worry about apparently but I spend the night there and was looked after quite well. The next day which was yesterday the consultant ordered me to go and have a full abdominal and pelvic ultrasound again, which was also normal. So the doctor who had said about the hernia had said to me on the down low ‘ I think you have endometriosis but they won’t test you for it as it’s a surgery to diagnose you and your too young and don’t have the pain long enough’ my response was ‘what?!!! The earlier diagnosed the better’ as I know it can affect your fertility in years to come. He then told me he can’t go over the consultants head and mention it as the consultant basically said there’s nothing more we can do but there is some conditions where they just can’t diagnose me for as the tests are too invasive such as MRI or CT scan as the radiation is too high??? So here I am out of hospital, informed them I was not happy as I still don’t know the reason why I am in so much pain!!! I’m home now I bought CBD cream to help with the pain I applied it over 4 hours ago, it soothes for about 1 hour but now it’s back. It has now travelled into my lower back. I am beyond anxious at this stage and going back to my doctor on Monday to express my worries if I do have endometriosis I would like to be diagnosed and treated early. And it’s weird because apparently it’s fertility and endometriosis awareness week this week in the UK. I also heard one of the doctors discussing my case with another doctor and heard one of them say ‘attention seeking?’ I can be abit of a drama queen but if anyone on here knew me they would know that I love love love my own bed more than anything and absolutely hate the hospital. I would not sit there for 2 days straight if there was nothing wrong with me. I feel very let down and neglected if I do find out I have endometriosis I will be going back to that doctor and giving them big fat finger for calling me an attention seeker. I know my body and I know when somethings not right. Thank yous both for your replies btw!!!


                • But I am due to go see my own doctor on Monday which I will express my concerns. I am considering going private and I am also going to come off contraception all together to give my body and break.


                  • Are private doctors outrageously expensive in the UK? They may be your only chance to get a proper diagnosis.
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                    • They are ridiculously expensive but I honestly feel if I get a referral from my GP it will take so long. And I know what they will do, ‘just take pain killers’ ‘take birth control to help with the endometriosis’ but they don’t actually know if I have it or not unless I went for a larapscopy then they can finally diagnose me but the waiting times for that I think are atleast 8 months to a year ????


                      • My private health care costs me £350 a year for my family which is subsidised by the forces.

                        However, not to give medical advice, but hot yoga, green smoothies and meditation is good advice for everyone


                        • My insurance now is what I pay now after being shot in Afghanistan so may be cheaper for civies


                          • Im with AXA


                            • AXA sound like a good company. Although I am not an AXA spammer! LOL.


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