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New Here, Need Advice Group B Strep Nighmare- Not Pregnant

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  • Hi I'm a strep b sufferer too. I only found this out when I was pregnant with my daughter 19 months ago. The irritation, pain and the smell is awful and how embarrassing when you want to get down with it with y partner.
    Also I have been told by the gyno that I have colypitis which he gave me antibiotics for but came back as soon as I got my period. Every time I have my period I am in so much pain and cannot bear to wear towels as this aggravates the situation more. Which I have to use as I have no other alternative but towards the end of my period I have to use tissues as it gets unbearable.

    Did you find u had this same problem, if so how did u deal with it?

    Also my period lasts 10 days, so u can imagine!!!!!

    I don't know what to do next but I'm at the end of my tether.

    Sorry tone so graphic but it is the only way to explain!!!

    I am going to try what u recommend in the above.

    Do hope u can reply back, thanks xxx


    • Hi worzel, Have you thought about seeing a dermatologist? sounds like you could be having a Skin problem as well seeing as wearing pads makes things worse for you, i founds a brand of pads called cottons they are hypo allergenic. 10 day period Omg!! i thought getting a period every 3 weeks was bad, Which country are you in ?


      • I also have Group B Strep and I am NOT pregnant. I had it with my 2nd pregnancy (not my 1st), received antibiotics during labor and didn't really have issues after that. I started to have VERY light symptoms around 8-9 months ago. By the time I mentioned it to my doctor he swabbed me and diagnosed me with Group B. At the same time I was diagnosed with IC, but there was no evidence of Group B in my urine. I was put on antibiotics (along with my husband) and it didn't work. Then they put me on something stronger and it did work for a couple of weeks and then it was back and BAD.

        After a lot of research online, I decided to insert garlic into my vagina, and everytime I would take the garlic out I would have symptoms again. I left it in 24 hours a day for 3 days (I would change the cloves out 3 times a day) and on the 3rd day although I felt 90% better....I felt SO sick. I was nauseous and read about how you can overdose on garlic. I went back to my doctor and it turns out I still have Group B Strep and a Yeast Infection. This is awful. I haven't had sex in a couple of months, because I'm scared to pass it back and forth.

        I'm taking a probiotic, eating yogurt and following the Candida diet (the strict one). This has been for the last week or so. I also just ordered the Alliultra garlic pills and started taking them last night. This forum has been a huge help to me. I'm tired of reading about how Group B Strep isn't a big deal and people don't have symptoms. Honestly, this is devastating. I'm not having sex with my husband, I constantly feel itchy and burny down there and I can hardly eat anything!

        I'm making my husband get tested for Group B Strep and Yeast today - and my fingers are crossed he doesn't have Group B. However, I know that it can come and go.....so I guess the test isn't 100% effecitve.

        If anyone has any updates on how they are doing or other things that have worked....PLEASE post again to this site. I'm trying not to douche with Hydrogen Peroxide...but that might be my next step.


        • Here is my update....I'm feeling much better. I've been taking 6 Alliultra garlic capsules (360 mg each) a day and probiotic pills 3 times a day including plain yogurt for breakfast. I also started taking grapefruit seed extract 1-2 times a day - but that hasn't been consistent. I also have been showering twice a day and washing with an organic all natural baby soap down there. I also changed out my underwear to full bottom after reading why thongs are bad for this type of infection. I think that the combination of garlic, probiotic and changing my diet has made a huge impact on my symptoms. I've started to add low sugar fruits back into my diet (blueberries), but I'm still doing no dairy and no gluten (per the Candida diet - I never did the cleanse). DO NOT EAT SUGAR!!!! Also, don't eat breads, startchy vegtables or gluten. Not sure if I will have to stay on this diet forever, but I'm feeling 95% better!!!!! The good news is that I've lost almost 10 lbs Check out the Candida Diet and the garlic pills - I'm positive that it has helped me. It's not a fun diet...but I would rather be on this diet than have symptoms and not be able to be with my husband.


          • Colloidal Silver worked for me!

            Hello, I am 23 years old and I have had a terrible case of group b strep for about 6 months. I went to my doctor because I was having pain with sex, a tingly feeling in my pelvic region, and abnormal, snotty discharge (sorry too much info). She diagnosed me with group b strep and gave me amoxicillin for ten days. It didn't help at all, but she decided to give it to me for another ten days, and of course, that did not help either. Then I went to my OBGYN, and she gave me Augmentin, which did not help either. Apparently, my group b strep was resistant to antibiotics. Anyways, I went back to my OBGYN, and she said that some of her patients swear by colloidal silver, and she suggested it for me. I just bought it at a pharmacy, and they sell it in bottles at health food stores, as well. I bought a bottle with a dropper on it, and three times a day I would put three droppers full into my body vaginally. This literally gave me relief after three days. She told me to continue for a week or ten days, and I stopped after a week and everything was so much better! I have had sex after using it, and I do not have any pain at all, and I am so happy! If you have tried antibiotics and they are not working, I strongly suggest trying this. I hope this helped someone. Good luck.


            • Any advice welcome:
              I had a strep b infection around 5 years ago when the only symptom was a green discharge but there was no smell or itch, didn't have a clue where it had come from as at the time I wasn't even sexually active, had a test at drs and strep b was confirmed, had antibiotics and was fine, I forgot all about it till recently when I started having painfull sex and bleeding slightly afterwards because it felt like the skin was rubbed off, I had what I thought was a water infection about two months back and took antibiotics but that caused a horrific case of thrush, cured that or so I thought with caneston but since then sex has been very painfull, I thought maybe I hadn't cured the thrush completely but then just recently there is a slight yellow discharge, exactly like a few years back, I have been to the family planning clinic as there are no female drs at my surgery now, they told me that I have to go to my drs or the gum clinic because its bacterial, she told me that some women carry it and have infections without being pregnant for no real reason but when I rang the gum clinic the medical practitioner told me that they don't normally treat it unless you are pregnant, I only wanted to know if I was right to make an appointment at f clinic as its not realy a place I want to go especially as I know me or my partner have not got any std's, I was tested just before I met my partner and he got tested before we slept together. I am just worried they will fob me off when I go for my appointment tomoro, I can't find any proper info online about these infections causing problems when there is no pregnancy, I am worried they will just try testing me for all the other std's when I want strep b looking for, plus does anyone know if there is a something they can give me to stop the antibiotics causing thrush, dreading that happening again. Also in the last year i have had a thermal ablation and mirena coil fitted but not had a problem since, just wondering if it could of triggered a strep b infection even a year later. Any help will be very appreciated


              • Hi all! I am so encouraged to hear of the similar stories out there! I first was diagnosed about 3 months ago. I ended up having a GBS infection, a yeast infection, AND Vaginal Type 1 Herpes (side note- you can get herpes from your partner if they get cold sores and you have oral sex even if they don't have any current sores!! Cold sores are considered type 1 herpes, but you can get it genitally too! be advised!!). My poor little beaver never hurt so badly! I was on an antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral and it all cleared up in about a week. I had been having monthly symptoms around the time of my period for a few months, but this was much worse so I went in.

                I haven't had any symptoms since i was first diagnosed (3 months ago), until now... and I can't pinpoint what it might be. I'm beginning to think its not an outbreak because it has been 4 days now since the symptoms began and no sores (praying it will stay that way!) It just itches, burns, and tingles and it is mostly right at the vaginal opening.

                -Similar to many of you my symptoms are always right before or after my period- someone mentioned they think its related to a drop in estrogen levels! Very insightful, and it also fits with the successful use of Premarin cream which someone else mentioned.
                -I also use NuvaRing for birth control and did notice the monthly irritation shortly after beginning using it. I'm hoping to find a low cost option to combat this problem without stopping the BC because I really like the NuvaRing.
                -I read a few times that someone of you have suffered miscarriages and I have as well. Well, just one, and my monthly symptoms started once my period came back right after the miscarriage.

                I will definitely try the tea tree oil suppositories and probiotic pills to see if they help. So far it hasn't been terrible, but I would like to avoid getting to that point. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow just to see what he says and maybe get a culture done. My only question is if I have and always will have GBS, how will I know if I have an infection or if i'm positive just because i have been colonized?

                One tip from me- I use dermoplast spray to help with pain. Worked wonders for my HSV outbreak, but also helps with my current symptoms (and i think it is GBS). It has lidocaine in it and aloe, so it kinda numbs and soothes. You can find it at the drug store.


                • Hello there. I too started having what felt like yeast or bv in the third week of each cycle. I am always found neg. with gbs, yeast, std, bacterial cultures. In fact besides inflammation I appear clinically normal. After several years now this pain is constant most days mild irritation in the morning and night but about twice a month become severe. It no longer follows a routine as it once did. I have seen several obgyns abut this without answers. I have not heard of GBS causing your symptoms but I work in healthcare and realize most of the time drs have no answer and they just try to treat symptoms. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I have been researching a condition called vulvodynia which I believe is what I am suffering from. Good luck to you!!


                  • Hi all,
                    I also have been diagnoses with Strep B. And I just wanted to put this out there for the women who said their Step makes them smell.. It may not be the strep.. I had officaly went to my gyno to see what the smell was and she took a culture and came back positive and so I went online to read about it.. Foud this forum and scared myself into borderline depression. But being upbeat I tried to stay positive and took my antibiotics and I was cured for about two weeks but then it returned. So I made an appointment to need with my gyno AGAIN and this time she could see how upset I was and I went over my symptoms and she saw how upset I was. She set me up for the culture then she also tested me for BV and she said that the smell wasn't Strep but that! So ladies if your "strep" is bothering you make sure it's actually Strep!!! It's supposed to be natural and symptomless so maybe there is somethig else going on! Be positive and get back to your gyno! I'm starting my medication ASAP and I will get back to you guys in about 2 weeks! Goodluck all!


                    • I work in a restaurant and run around all day. Orthofeet shoes are extremely comfy and help with my lower back pain. Only down side is that I feel like my feet look like "duck feet". I am using those shoes for about three years and i loved them. My feet’s are very happy with those.


                      • Hey, not really a reply, sorry, but I have been dealing with symptomatic GBS for the past year and nothing is working. I am allergic to Penicillin and amoxicilan, I have been put on clindamycin, and have tried just about every home remidie there is and nothing has worked. My OBGYN was even about to treat me with boric acid. I currently take a probiotic ever other day and use coconut oil along with it, which does nothing but not make it worse, like if i stop or skip one day it flares up and takes around a week for my symptoms to be brought down.

                        I thought I was in the clear because i wasn't really having any symptoms, and then all of a sudden it flared up again. I had been having sex with my fiancé and everything was fine, then we didn't have sex for about 5 or 6 days, and everything flared up again, and then i found out i was pregnant that next week, and i haven't been able to get a handle on it since then. I am now worrying about developmental defects of my baby and it possible getting into my urinary tract, and even possibly having a miscarriage, becauase i just started having cramping and spotting in the last week and i feel like i have used all my resources and this is my last option, any advice is appreciated. Thank you!


                        • How would you ladies who tested positive for strep b describe the smell? I waa convinced i have thrush - itching, sore, looks inflamed, clumpy discharge, sweet musty smell (during my period the smell is really strong even though my symptoms subside) But the swab tested negative for everything but possibly strep b, which the nurse told me waa asymptomatic and not treated unless i was pregnant, so couldn't be causing my symptoms.


                          • I’m also dealing with the same thing. Did anyone get better? It’s been 7 months for me and I don’t know how much more of this I can take


                            • Sorry to bump such an old thread but I’m wondering if you ladies are still around and if you found a cure? I’m going through HELL with this and need some hope to cling on to as it’s plunging me into depression


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