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Group B strep/ Infection

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  • Group B strep/ Infection

    Hi Im 19 and I've been having problems for about 6 months now; Over the past year and a half ive been getting reoccuring UTI's. I got one this July and I couldn't kick it. Was on cypro then bactrum, they cleared up the infection eventually, but ive been having severe vaginal irritation and urinary symptoms since then. I recently had a culture done after another most recent UTI and they found group B strep. I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this and what their advice/ soultions are. If anything has worked at all. Ive been on six antibiotics since July for UTIs and now group B strep.
    Ive noticed that generally, although it does act up from time to time, the symptoms are at their worst around the few days before and after my period. Due to my symptoms ; itching, burning, pain, inflamation and pain/burning when I urinate; my doctors have been treating me for uti's (antibiotics) and yeast infections (vaginal suppositories) for the last 6 months, but i think the problem is larger and requires more than a "quick fix". Im just trying to find answers to what could be causing it as well as solutions.

    thanks for you're time and I would love any feedback on the matter. esp if someone else if going through the same thing!

  • all's i know i had group b strep when i was pregnant i went into early labor at 33 weeks they tried to stop labor i was on bed rest then i got an infection and they had to deliver him i lost my baby he was sooo perfect...then when i got pregnant with my last child i was checked at i think 22 weeks he told me they usually check around the 30 week mark for group b strep and i had it...didn't know anything about this at all i quess when i lost my son my dr kind of knew why so that's why i was checked early on with my daughter...i was told when my water broke to come right to the hospital they delivered her right away she had tests done to see if she got the strep b passed on to her she was fine...after i delivered her i came down with strep throat like the next day....i'm just telling you so in the future you will be aware of this and ask questions if you ever want to have kids...i have 4 kids and only 1 made it to 37 weeks the others i had premature. losing 1 of them and if i had of know of this problem i might still have that sweet baby today.


    • You should look for the forum (on this website) - not pregnant with group b strep - not in that exact order. There are a lot of women dealing with this (me included) who have some ideas/suggestions on what to do to suppress the bacteria growth. You don't have to be pregnant to have this.


      • GBS UTI/kidney infection nightmare

        I also am experiencing an absolute nightmare with a Strep UTI that will not clear and I am not pregnant. It started off with minor bladder infection symptoms and I was prescribed Trimethoprim. My urine was not cultured at this time. 2 days after taking the antibiotic my back became really sore and the doctor said it had gone up into my left kidney so I was given Cephalexin. The symptoms only got worse so I was referred to a urologist who said the antibiotics were not strong enough so he then prescribed a 10-day course of Augmentin. This seemed to work better than the others although the symptoms were never 100% gone. When I finished that course I had a urine test and it came back positive for Strep Group B. The strange thing is that the test said the bacteria was sensitive to all the antibiotics I had already been on but some were clearly more effective than others. I was given Trimethoprim again as at that time I only had bladder symptoms, no kidney pain, however after taking it for 3 days the back pain came back stronger than ever. I was then given Amoxicillin for 10 days however the symptoms were still very strong at the end of that course so I was given another 10 day course of Augmentin. I have now finished the Augmentin and my back feels like someone has smacked it with a bat. I am also starting to feel the bladder symptoms coming back again - twinges of pain and pressure in my pelvis. I will do another urine test tomorow which I know will be positive again. I have tried everything - Waterfall D Mannose, Cranberry, Echinacea, other vitamins..... and I have been extremely careful with what I eat and drink. No sex either and it still won't clear! I am drinking heaps and have been getting plenty of rest. I have had a raft of blood tests and they are all normal. STD tests were all negative. I also have had a CT scan, ultrasound and a urine flow and bladder scan - all were normal. The only scan I haven't had is a cystoscopy which the urologist said I couldn't have until the infection clears! The only anomaly I have observed in myself is an enlarged lymph gland at the back of my neck which came up about a week ago but it may just be because of all the stress of this illness.

        Prior to this I was extremely healthy and only had one UTI before which cleared after 2 days. This whole experience has really stressed me out and it feels like I will never be rid of this infection.

        I would be extremely interested to hear how others have progressed and whether they found any resolution for this problem.


        • My Group B Strep Cure No more signs of the BACTERIA!!!!

          After a long time and research. I realized why I was never getting cured. Doctors here in the U.S. have it all wrong with Group B Strep. They try to cure only women, but that is where they are wrong. The cure comes from curing the couple. The couple is supposed to be given medications together. So your partner needs antibiotics too. I was at my wits end and could no longer bare this, so when I was visiting a cousin in Mexico who is a doctor, I told her about my problem. She was amazed at how long it was taking doctors to cure me. She asked me what medications I was being given. When she asked what medications they were giving my husband, I was like HUH??? They only gave me medication for the Group B Strep. She gave me that AH that is where the problem is. So she finally examined me and prescribed the two of us medication. I am so happy that I was in the right place at the right time. It took three painful years of Group B Strep, but I finally had found the cure and it is gone. She also advised me to stop eating sugars and breads because they contain yeast that feed group B Strep. So now a healthy lifestyle followed by the antibiotics she prescribed us and now we are CURED!!!!

          We were prescribed Dalacin (clindamycin) in eggs (OVULES), 3 days straight, starting at the same time DALACIN tablets 300 mg, 1 every 6 hours for 10 days.
          The treatment with the DALACIN tablets we both had to take.

          And after all that Yipee!!!! no sign of the bacteria.

          Best of luck to all of you and I hope that this has helped.


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