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Pain, Swelling after Sex.

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  • Pain, Swelling after Sex.

    Hi everyone I'm new, and what better way to introduce myself than to ask questions about my vagina?
    Well to begin I'm on these medications: Efexor-XR 150mgs, Microgynon 20ED.
    I've been sexually active for 4 years and never had problems with my body before this past six months.
    I've been tested multiple times for STI's gonorrhea/chlamydia and have neither but occasionally (less frequently since being on the pill) have had many UTI's.

    My boyfriend and I have been having sex since January 08. At the time I was only taking Efexor-XR 75mgs. No worries with my body at all. In July 08 I switched to Efexor 150mgs and began the pill (microgynon).
    Since then after we have sex, I notice my inner labia has become intensely swollen and occasionally sore. Usually having a cool shower and a Voltaren or Ibuprofen help. But I really want to get down to the cause of this!

    We don't have rough sex, we don't have any STI's and we don't use fragranced/flavoured condoms or lubricants, I wear cotton undies, and wipe from front to back and shower before and after sex. I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong to still be in such pain after sex, it's so frustrating to not be able to walk or move around properly!
    I am aware that my Efexor causes me to have skin irritations, rashes, sunburn easily. So I'm thinking it might be friction that's causing this. I asked my guy to trim his pubic hair once and it helped, the coarseness (lack thereof) definitely reduced the swelling. And so did.. ahem.. actually having an orgasm.

    I've been lurking in and out of these forums for months now taking advice from other posts and applying it to my own situation, cold compress, ibuprofen, trimming coarse hair, gentler sex, more lubrication.. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

    And sorry for this being so long and detailed!

  • I looked up Efexor-XR. It is an antidepressant? Apparently has varying side effects, so that may be it. I don't have any experience with that type of stuff. Maybe talk with your doc? Do some research, there seem to be several chats on the drug.

    Is there are possiblity of getting off the drug? Why was the dosage doubled? Are you doing anything else to deal with the reasons for taking it? Maybe counseling? For the UTIs add 100% fruit Cranberry juice to your regular diet, that should help reduce those and of course plenty of water.

    Your labia will swell as part of sexual response but that subsides after and there shouldn't be pain associated with it. It sounds like you have good self care, what kind of laundry products do you use? Maybe the unscented, dye free and avoid dryer sheets - they can cause all sorts of problems.


    • Hi wildchild, thank for replying!

      Yes Efexor is an anti-depressant, and yes the side effects sound nasty. I went up a dose as my mental health wasn't getting any better and I needed more help in managing it. I don't use therapy or couselling anymore, I have long lovely conversations with my mum over a cuppa and those seem to help me cope very well! I've discussed possibilties of coming off the efexor but he looked doubtful, he says if it works for me there's no reason to stop. I know I do need it as my condition is hereditary rather than lifestyle based.

      I tried the cranberry juice but it seemed to make it worse at the time, I haven't touched it since! It was very odd but I hardly have them (uti's) now, I just super-increased my water intake to a healthy 2-3 litres a day!!

      I will look into the laundry products, maybe that'll help.


      • Same Issues

        Hello there,
        I myself have those same issues. I am taking the pill Yaz and have been on it for 2 months now. I have been with the same guy for about 5 years now and I have never been like this except the past few months. I also have had many UTI's and also get yeast infections in the process to get rid of the UTI problems. I myself am searching for answers. If anyone out there can help us out. I would like to know too!!!


        • Hi Jenniebaby,

          I had that problem too a couple of months ago, I had an influx of thrush suddenly. It has alot to do with the pill because apparently the pill makes it easier to get it as your bacteria increases downstairs. It's so frustrating isn't it?! For me it passed, it helped alot to shower before and after sex and not eating too much sugary foods - and if you did then balance with lots of water!!
          I think I could write a book on UTI's. I know it sounds like obvious advice but I really need to reinforce, drink litres of water! Wiping front to back, drinking loads of water! Most of the time I would just get a UTI from being dehydrated or eating too much chocolate/drinking too much cola.
          I really wish there was an easier way to have our cake and eat it too. I hope someone replies to my original post, and your reply **fingers crossed**

          Best of luck


          • Update

            Well here is the updated status of our problem. I think I may have figured it out. Since last posting this I have stopped taking Yaz for birth control and I am giving my body a rest before getting back on another kind. Things have gotten better. My Boyfriend and I have tried to have sex but I couldnt last that long but I was not all swollen like before. I did some research on this Yaz and I was finding some information that I didnt like. Like all the side affects. Like UTI's , Yeast infections, and also Vaginitias (prolly spelled wrong) But that is an inflamitory infection and can cause mayjor issues like that. I have been off the Yaz for about a week and a half now and already feel 10 times better than before- Im sry if this doesnt help out. I did want to give anyone who reads this an update.
            Laters Good Luck Everyone else


            • Glad you are finding some answers


              • That's great to hear Jenniebaby, I'm really happy for you!


                • Hi,

                  I am new here too and stumbled across your posting while desperately searching for what exactly is going on with me. I have been in a relationship with the same guy for over a year, and everything was fine up until three months ago. While sex used to be great, now afterwards my vagina seems swollen, and is extremely painfull. However, this is only after sex, never during. My doctor tested me for std's, pap, yeast, etc. and she is stumped. I don't want to have to wait the next five months however to see a Gyno... as it's starting to take a toll on our relationship, considering we don't have sex anymore. I am also on Effexor 225 mg, and Alesse (which is taken 3 monthy packs concurrently) . Did you find a solution for sure, or was it possibly related to the Effexor? Any help would be great.


                  • My vagina was a bit red and sore the first few times my boyfriend and I had sex, but it was always gone the next day. I've been a little sore from having sex since but not much else.


                    • A bit of soreness the first few times is understandable. Continued soreness may be due to his size, rough sex or not enough lubrication among other reasons. What do you think may be causing the continued soreness?
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                      • I'm not in the pill I take the nuva ring, I just had sex guy for the first and didn't use a condum and right after I noticed my vagina swelling up I put and ice pack on it, this is the first time its happind and I've been sexually active for a few years. Help !?'


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