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Vaginal tear keeps retearing. NEED HELP

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  • Vaginal tear keeps retearing. NEED HELP

    I posted on here under another thread but didn't really get any help. Does anyone know anything about having a small rip at the bottom of the entrance. It causes great pain at the beginning and during sex. Sometimes the pain is so bad that we can't have sex. So far 5 OBGYN's didn't know how to fix it. They just gave the "well you have to live with it, blah blah" response. The tear thats causing the pain will heal up if I don't have sex but it will just retear as soon as I do again. I can't go through life living like that. It's destroying my relationship because I can't have sex. Some lady on here said she went to a specialist. Is there any kind of specialist other than GYN? If so what are they called? Any help/advice is appreciated.

  • perineal massage has helped a lot of people, including me. Just lay back or sit up and take your thum and stretch out the area down at the bottom that tears. Do it on a daily basis like you're doing exercises, it just helps to stretch things out. I'm trying to think of a good way to explain how to do it but if you take your thumb and put it in with your nail going in first and just push down a bit and rock it back and forth it'll stretch things out a little for you.

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    • Dont have sex till it heals.
      I get that now and then but mine heals in a week.
      Or how about, marry a guy with a pencil **** :P


      • I used to have that problem lots. For me, I need to make sure my body is responding (creating lubrication) and make sure there's enough at the back. Then start off really slow - the less tense you are the easier it will be. I have to conciously relax the muscles so that it doesn't tear.
        As long as I'm not forcing it in, I seem to be ok. We use a little extra help for lubrication if I'm even a little bit dry just in case.

        Seems to be working for us!


        • If all else fails, you might visit a plastic surgeon. They do more than just face lifts and lipo. Apparently, they can also work wonders on genitals.


          • vaginal tearing post episiotomy

            I had an episiotomy 7 years ago when I gave birth to my fist daughter and I now have a new 1 year old. The problem is that my partner and I don't have sex on a regular basis (we usually only have sex once, a few times one day a week I should say, a week becuase we don't live that close and we both have demanding jobs), where with previous partners I had sex nearly everyday. But occationally when we do have sex I tear at the episiotomy site. I don't have problems with dryness or him being too large or rough. And the fact that we don't have sex during the week allows it to heal but it keeps happening over and over. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? We are suppose to be moving in together soon and I don't know if the infrequency is the problem or the way we're having sex. Help.


            • Your bodies have to adjust You know how when people have sex alot and you hear those mean rumors shes LOOSE lol well its kinda like that exercizing and frequent use helps your body is built to scab up and rebuild to better adjust what everyone else said it true lube forplay and such help alot. Try not to jump to intercourse right away instead use fingers and so on even a small toy your your body loose when you forplay and get ready for it your vagina heats up and easier to "release" lol and your own lubracation helps alot. If that fails get lots of lubes and take it slow for a while


              • same problem`

                i have the same exact problem, i've been just letting it heal everytime after sex. I hate the pain but i learn to deal with it. But sex should be enjoyable for both the male and female so it kinda sucks. =(


                • check out this website

                  I have had this problem on and off for several years, it is horrible to go through. Everytime it happens I just feel like rolling over and dying because the emotional pain is unbearable. I love my husband so much and the last thing I want is to leave him unsatisfied. He is amazingly understanding but I personally can't take it any more. I was looking forward to bringing in our first married year together (It's New Years day) by making love and once again my body failed me and I feel horrible.....I was married before and went through this with someone who I now know I wasn't meant for and I just assumed it was mental because our mariage fell apart pretty quickly since I should never have married him in the first place.

                  This time we couldn't be more perfect for each other and I know that its not a mental thing at all because he is the sexiest man on the planet to me and so sweet yet its still painful everytime we try to have sex.

                  Well the point I was trying to make is I found a website that I am hoping will help.

                  Pain During Intercourse #1

                  I will give some feed back after a few weeks to let you know if it helps.

                  I pray it does.
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                  • Well.. I think nothing helps.. All you need is lubricant.. =p


                    • I really wish that was it...

                      Originally posted by ariel View Post
                      Well.. I think nothing helps.. All you need is lubricant.. =p
                      I wish more than anything that it was that simple. When you have tears in that area adding any kind of lubricant burns like crazy. Even if the tear is not fresh it tares after insertion and then in lubricant still present causes it to burn making it even more painful. We've tried using straight water which sometimes help because it doesn't burn like KY but then when it tears again during intercourse its still painful but sometimes I can keep going, sometimes I cant.

                      Read the article if you have this problem too....scroll down to the bottom when it talks about secondary causes.


                      • I posted a thread on this, and it got bumped just recently... I have to find it. But my doctor said this happens to a lot of women and once it happens, it unfortunately will keep going. Scar tissue builds up a tiny bit each time, and since scar tissue doesn't stretch, it just gets thicker and thicker. He suggested two methods of fixing it: a topical medication applied in the office that burns away the tissue, or an outpatient procedure in which he cuts away the scar tissue and sews it in a very particular way so it won't happen again. He said he's performed several and has had many thankful husbands, as well as wives! I'm calling to speak to him about it tomorrow. I am going through with it; I've been experiencing this for over two years and it definitely does ruin the mood for both my husband and I - he's afraid of hurting me and I never know when it is going to happen.

                        PS - The surgery is called perineaplasty. Takes 30 minutes start to finish, supposedly.


                        • i need help too

                          Hi, I have been experiencing taring and retaring for a YEAR. Its terrible. I've seen 3 doctors about it and nothing positive has helped yet.

                          whoever started this thread about taring please email me directly. i'd love to discuss.



                          • I used to get those, I thought it was my husband pubic hair cutting me or his facial hair. I haven't had one in a while but I switched to a milder soap like ivory or dove. Don't have to scrub down there hard, make sure your well lubricated do not ever force it cause apparently the tissue is fragile now. During the outbreaks i used triple antibiotic or neosporin directly on the cut. If you must have sex, plenty of vaseline on the cut help and around both of you especially try to soften the pubic hair with it a little.


                            • Drink A LOT of water, just H20, I mean guzzle it. Keep yourself thoroughly hydrated no matter what. AND take a vitamin E supplement. I have read of people even topically applying vitamin E, straight out of the casule, onto an area of skin, but don't do it inside the vagina without asking a doctor because I am not sure of that. But do take the supplements two or three times a day depending on the dosage. It helps skin and tissue issues. Good luck! And let it heal!


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