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Just found out I'm HPV Positive & scared

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  • Just found out I'm HPV Positive & scared

    So I'm new to this website. I needed advise or comments from someone else rather than family. I'm 22 years old and just found out today I am HPV positive. My doctor told me its nothing THAT BAD but if I let it go and wait 5 + up years that it can definitily lead to something more serious. He told me I'm Level 2 meaning that I dont nessarily have cervical cancer but cells are showing that it can develop into it....

    Now I just had the Gardasil 3 shot process just last year and I'm already HPV Positive? I was a little confused...I guess im just scared cause I just had a baby 2 years ago and I feel like after I had her my body has just gone all down-hill For the most part I am healthy. I dont smoke I drink on occasion with my friends/family. I'm just nervous and I have a million thoughts going through my mind right now....I told my boyfriend and he was very supportive about it so thats a good thing (we have dating for 1 year) and we talked about getting engaged soon...with me being hpv positive, Does that mean we cant have sex unprotected or do we just keep re-effecting each other??I dont know. If anyone could give me your thoughts that would be very much apprecitive. thankyou


  • Welcome to the Forum jcee.

    Firstly, Cervical Cancer, level 2, means he just has to monitor it for you.. If it gets worse, usually it's a case of burning off the bad cells, which can be done in a doctors surgery. Usually to ascertain it comes from a pap smear and if they are abnormal, then a bi-opsy, and from there the burning off of the cells.

    HPV can occur as far back as 10 years ago and it is transferred sexually but can stay dormant. So, you could have had this from someone at any time, it's just showing now but it can't be cured. Did you obtain HPV genital warts? There are a variety of forms of HPV.

    If you obtained gential warts then no, you shouldn't be having sex with your partner, when they are notable without a condom as you can give them to him..

    The thing to understand, unfortunately it is common and like I said, it could have happened at any time, from one of your previous partners, I don't know if you want to go down the path of letter the father of your child know, as he may have been the carrier or if you were, you may have given it to him...

    HPV can not be cured but it can be kept at bay. Stress is a large factor of what appears to bring it on, so maybe you've been very stressed since the birth of your baby, break up I assume with the Father and caring for your child at a young age...

    I think your Doctor was just stating, cervical cancer is treated quite easily these days, warts are warts and you can live with them..

    Definately could have been a lot worse.



    • In most cases this will resolve on its own in a couple years- the immune system can deal with it. When I was your age - many years ago - I had irregular pap smears regularly, thye hadn't invented HPV then. It never developed into anything. A level 2 or 3 pap just means there are some abnormal cells. That can be caused by something as simple as having had vigorous sex.

      As for the shots there are 15, I think, forms of HPV. The shot is good for 5 of them, so 1/3. And really the effectiveness for the 5 isn't really known. When it came out Forbes magazine advised against investing in it, they felt it was very iffy and likely to end up a lawsuit magnet.

      Do some research, ask questions and don't worry. I had plenty of partners when I was younger and even with all those troublesome pap smears (several biopsies) today I am completely clean - no HPV, chances are you will be too.


      • Majority of the US population is exposed to HPV during their lifetime. The gardisil shot only protects against a few types of HPV that are the most likely to cause cancer. Lots of types of HPV go completely unnoticed. Over time the body manages to kill them off with no symptoms. A few will show symptoms once and then either go dormant or get wiped out. It's only every now and then that it does something really bad or has recurring symptoms. Guys rarely show symptoms. It also frequently does not show up on tests unless it's currently causing symptoms. Whether you should use protection during sex or not depends on your relationship (while it would probably do nothing to him if you guys break up he could give it to his next partner) and what your doctor suggests. The type of hpv may matter so it would be best to discuss this with a doctor or family planning clinic.


        • I am so glad that I found this forum, I received a call from my doctor on Wednesday and I have been worried sick since. I am 33 years old and have no kids,I am currently single and am a little worried on starting a new relationship because of this finding. I called a specialist referred to me by my doctor and I was not able to get an appointment until a month from now and I was scared that waiting that long could make it worse. Thank you so much for all the information that you have provided. I can now sleep tonight


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