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buzzing vagina

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  • buzzing vagina

    add me to the list of women who seem to have an issue with buzzing "down there". for me it's started about a month ago after my period. lasted about a week and a half on and off, and then went away, but now it's back, sporadically. for me it's a low level buzz, sometimes rhythmic sometimes not. definitely not arousing in any way, so it's different from some of the symptoms some of the other women have mentioned. other than that i'm 36, not on birth control, slightly overweight, anemic, but otherwise healthy. i've started taking a multivitamin and my iron pills to attempt to combat that, so we'll see. i've also noticed that the buzzing can sometimes be accompanied by a feeling of anxiety, but to be honest, i'm not sure if the buzzing is causing the anxiety or some sense of anxiety/stress is causing the buzzing. personally, i'm not feeling inordinately stressed, but who knows.... anyone have any insight into this?

  • So.. I recently lost 21 lbs. I JUST started feeling this and some other stuff in my uterus for the past few days. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. 21 lbs ago I didn't feel ANYTHING. I'm guessing that this [for me at least] is a bit of things going "back to normal"... I hope the flutters mean I'll be seeing aunt flo regularly.
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    • OH MY,

      SOOOO, I first had this happen at work yesterday sitting at my desk. Thought it was something maybe under the floor vibrating. Well, it happened when I got home and I panicked a little because I thought "What the heck is that". I thought I was losing my mind and I didn't tell a soul, not even my husband because I was embarassed and thought he'd think I was crazy. I was afraid to type in a phrase into google because of the description, but was SOOOOO happy when I found this thread. I have no clue either and I won't go to the Dr. for it. Like you all have said, it doesn't hurt, or feel good, just irritating. I am 42 and haven't been on the pill for a long time. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one and that there are others in the same boat. I'm not sure who said it earlier, but I died laughing when I read her say that we should start a group of "vibrating vagina's". CLASSIC


      • Oh my gosh I have no idea about any of this! I have never had that happen that I know of. I'm confused though, do you mean "buzzing" as in an overstimulated clitoris? I had a friend who had that & she always had pain because she had the "constant clitorial arousal" or whatever it's called. That sounds like it would be a very strange thing!!


        • I've also had this problem for a few months a slight twitch a couple inches below my belly button, under the skin; pretty much feels like my uterus is twitching, because it definitely wasn't any sort of gas. Always happens while I'm sitting still, it never hurts, kinda feels like a cell phone vibrating, but I never keep my cell phone in my front pocket. I'm 21, never had kids, have ridiculous menstrual cycles, and am not currently on birth control. (I never noticed any twitching until after I stopped taking BC.)

          After reading up on it, here's what I've gathered:

          Most doctors brush off this symptom, and even the few people who had their doctors further examined with tests, most showed no real results. Some of the posters' twitching disappeared, days, weeks, and months later, sometimes it reappeared, other times, it didn't. Some of the girls were depressed, stressed or mentioned high levels of anxiety at the time. Some mentioned that they don't work out, were overweight, had a few heart problems. The age range was pretty large, between 15-50 years, I would guess. Also, the amount of kids, number of c-sections, and so forth varied. It's safe to say that there is no one particular demographic of woman that this affects.

          So if you're having any sort of twitching, ask yourself these questions...

          Do I perform a lot of physical activity or am I sedentary most of the day?
          Am I stressed/depressed/feeling anxious?
          Am I overweight? Am I eating right?
          Do I sleep regularly?
          Are my menstrual cycles regular?

          Before you rush off to your doctor for simple twitching, to be told like the vast majority of posters that updated their doctor told them they had no idea why. Think about this, maybe they are related: I never felt the twitching until after I took an office job, became a bit more stressed than normal, and my eating habits declined. Make some connections to maybe help your doctor, they're only going to ask so many questions, and I get the feeling from most posts that some of the doctors and nurses find this symptom laughable.

          Of course, my words are no replacement for a doctor's professional opinion and therefore, I highly recommend you seek your doctor's opinion before making any decisions. But to those of you that have already been to the doctor and have been told they don't know what's wrong with you: get a massage (a nice one from your boy or family member will suffice), quit eating bad food, get more rest, get outside, and don't be a couch potato. Even if it doesn't stop the twitching, what harm could it do to try?


          • Originally posted by Starlit Symphony View Post
            kinda feels like a cell phone vibrating
            This is crazy! I didn't know it happened with vaginas, too?!

            A couple of years ago I kept thinking my cell phone was going off in my pocket, but it wasn't. I went to my doctor, but ended up with no answers AND a lot more intimate with his finger than I would like.

            It didn't cause any problems except anxiety and went away after a month or so and never came back as far as I can remember. Very odd stuff. So, don't exclude us when you ladies start the club. Make it gender neutral..."pulsing privates"?

            One thing to add: I was trying to figure out on my own what was different, and the only think that I could come up with was that I had been sitting a little differently while on my computer, maybe a little more stretched out with my feet up putting more pressure towards the base of my spine than normal. Maybe it's something with nerves going through the pelvic floor. I don't know. The body is a strange and complex thing...
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            Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


            • I have had the same vibrating sensation for the last 3 days. I have Multiple Sclerosis and was told by my Neurologist that this is related to my brain over-firing signals to the muscles in my vaginal area. Not trying to freak anyone out- just passing my experience along to the group. I was told that Neurontin will help for me. Might not help everyone, depending on the underlying cause. Thanks for the info!


              • Mine started yesterday.. Unfortunately, mine is NON-STOP. It's like someone left a vibrator inside me on low and I can't turn it off. I read all these posts, which gave me some relief. I printed them out and took them with me to my Gyno appointment today. I had to laugh because my Gyno, in her 23 years has never heard of the vibrations and had a hard time believing me. I gave her the printouts and told her she needed to read them and google this, because it's happening. I left and went to my Chiropractor, got a deep tissue massage, got my lower back adjusted and was thankful my Chiropractor knew what I was talking about (she's had them before) and also said it was the nerves. She said she has a male patient whose systems are really bad, to where he may have to consider some kind of surgery in his scrotem to relieve him. (JUST FYI on the men) Unfortunately, I'm still having mine....but tonight, I will be taking something to knock me out, seems how I couldn't sleep last night with this constant vibration going on. I will be going back to my Chiropractor on Friday. I will also update on my posts to see if I got relief.


                • Oh... I'm a 42 yr old Mother of 2 (1 Section - 1 Natural Birth). Taking the Depo shot, Efforex, Prilosec. Had 2 disc in my neck removed 8 months ago, going through Paramenopause. And I had that nasty flu that's been going around this week. My lower back was very sore from body aches. What I did before right before the vibrations started, using my vibrator... lol... I have to be honest with you all!


                  • I've got a buzzing vagina too!!!

                    O thank the heavens for this website! I also had a strange vibration in my vagina/uterus area (couldn't be quite sure where) on and off for most of January of this year. I suffer with endometreosis and take cerazette, a progesterone only pill without a break so I do not have to suffer the pain of a period whilst bleeding but on Jan 26 I had a break through bleed, it lasted a week and wasn't really painful and slowly the vibrations or buzzing sensation went away so I thought it was something to do with my cycle. Since then I have had two internal scans and a endoscopy(bum end) and so far nothing sinister thank God! Thing is the vibrations have come back and I have had them on and off everyday for over a week. They are not painful just strange and really, really irritating. I go to the gym at least four days a week, walk the dog, do a 15 minute meditation everyday, eat small regular meals (I have reduced the salt in my diet and eat more fruit and veg but I refuse to be a health food fanatic!) and drink moderately. I work part time and sit at a desk for four hours a day. I have been suffering with anxiety since January which comes and goes although I really have nothing to be anxious about but can't seem to control it when it gets a hold on me. The buzzing worries me purely because I don't know what's causing it! Three GPs at my surgery in the UK have never heard of it and more worryingly neither has my Gyne! It really is reassuring to find out other women are experiencing the same symptoms! Thank you for sharing ladies x


                    • My husband asked the usual "and how was your day" question and somehow the only thing that immediately came to mind was "can you google vibrating vagina?".

                      This just started happening to me today, and it was very obvious when I noticed it. I was driving to lunch with my two coworkers when all of a sudden I felt a very faint vibrating feeling. I thought somehow my cell phone had fallen on my seat under my heavy winter coat and it was ringing. It took me a second to figure out that it wasn't my phone, so then I just sat in silent confusion.

                      Anyway I guess I would either describe it as a very faint vibration or as someone else had described it, like a purring cat (which I realize is both funny and weird to describe it like that). The feeling itself is just that though, it's weird. It's not painful or arousing, just weird.

                      A couple things about myself -
                      I just started Nuvaring two weeks ago and have had my period continuously since I started, although much lighter than usual. I have only ever used birth control for a total of about 30 days, more than 5 years ago and I'm in my upper 20's.
                      I loyally use Tampax tampons, Stayfree pads and Carefree panty liners, depending on need.
                      I haven't had any noticeable weight loss or gain in the last 5 years and I wouldn't necessarily consider myself overweight, but I could stand to lose 10lbs.. :-)
                      I don't keep my phone in my pocket or anywhere near my body - It's usually in my purse or on my desk.
                      I've been to airports/on planes a few times in the past month.. in case theres any connection there.
                      Diet has been fairly consistent, although I wouldn't consider it "healthy" by any means. Nothing out of the ordinary though, other than the fact that I had a pomegranate last night for the first time in a year.
                      My stress level is not out of the ordinary, and I'm not a high stress person.

                      All in all, the only real noticeable change in my life is the birth control. Given the number of people that experienced this, I'm not overly concerned yet. Maybe my body is just adjusting to the presence of the ring/hormones in my body. We'll see though, hopefully it doesn't get worse!


                      • I'm 18 years old and I'm having this same problem. I was just on my period and got off last night. I was having trouble sleeping last night cause I kept feeling this buzzing/vibration in or on my vagina. It doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel good either. Most of the time is in a pattern but sometimes it's not. It also seems like when it happens I feel like a little pressure or pull on my vagina. Its kind of freaking me out. Has anyone found anything out?


                        • Originally posted by Stillness View Post

                          A couple of years ago I kept thinking my cell phone was going off in my pocket, but it wasn't.
                          I have had this too, probably about half a dozen times all up. I get it at the very top of my leg on the front, where your leg meets your hip. My first thought is 'oh I have a message' but then realize my phone is not in my front pocket OR I don't have a pocket! lol. It only last seconds. It is indeed weird. I presumed it was similar to a twitch in your eye, but a 'vibrating' of nerves in my leg/hip..


                          • I have this going on now. It's been a week. I had this a few years ago and was sure it was caused by heavy lifting. Actually pulling a wheelbarrow of wood with a flat tire.
                            This time I went to a really hardcore weightlifting class and not that fit.

                            Curious to know if anyone else thinks there is a link ?

                            last time sitting on a yoga ball seemed to make it go away. I dont have one this time.

                            It's the oddest feeling. When I wake up in the night I sometimes think I am doing a wee. I never am but I have to check !!!

                            Hoping it goes away soon. It's so distracting and not in a good way


                            • Thank the gods for this website. Seriously thought I was going nuts, or that some insect had crawled its way into my... and was buzzing, trying to get out. Actually stripped down, showered, inspected, found nothing. Anyhow, this just happened to me couple hours ago, and the 1st time ever experiencing.

                              -mid 40s
                              -maybe week til next period
                              -haven't had sex in a few years
                              -not menopausal
                              -never had kids
                              -no uid, birth control, any abnormalities or surgeries in that region
                              -started while sitting on bed, hunched over typing in laptop
                              -under a HUGE amount of stress, homeless shelter, violence, abuse, poverty, etc
                              -take a variety of psych meds. been on same meds for years, never had this problem. only new addition is -Lithium, started 4 months ago
                              -am 40 lbs overweight
                              -entire life had have twitches, spasms, eyelid, lip, cheek, face, legs, arms, etc
                              -had asthma as a kid, pneumonia once
                              -tend to have a lot of nervous system related ailments
                              -severely abused as a kid, and current circumstances bringing up traumatic stuff
                              -smoke medical marijuana
                              -smoke cigarettes
                              -don't drink alcohol
                              -eating crappily, poor nutrition (surprisingly difficult to eat healthily when living at a homeless shelter)
                              more dehydrated than normal
                              -lithium causing urinary incontinence issues
                              -go for walks 4-6 times a day
                              -recently, been spending a lot of time, in bed, laptop in front of me (only safe space where I'm left alone)
                              location seems to be in right labia, closer to pubic mons than perineum
                              -haven't been able to localize it any further
                              -happens while sitting, standing, walking, bending over, stretching
                              -timed it, general pattern seems to be every 4-11 seconds
                              -pushing legs together, so crotch is kinda squished... buzzing starts right away
                              -haven't found a position that makes it go away
                              -cellphone nowhere near when it happens
                              -haven't been able to... use vibrator for months, so i know it's not that

                              Given been dealing with twitches, muscle jerks & spams, etc for decades, got kinda used to it. if i focus on it, can get freaked out. but... cbt/dbt, meditation helps. Let it recede into background.

                              No idea how long this will last. Hopefully my coping skills continue to hold. I seriously need to get stoned now.


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