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Any suggestions? Female pain during sex.

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  • Any suggestions? Female pain during sex.

    I know there are a lot of posts similar to this one dealing with female pain during intercourse on various forum/help sites. But none of them help me.

    I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, and have been experiencing pain for the past year. The pain occasionally occurs initially when having sex, e.g. insertion, but I mainly experience it afterwards. I am not his first and he is not mine. We are both STD and STI free (and have been checked recently). I do not have a yeast infection nor do I get them. I am on birth control and have been for over a year (Sprintec).

    The pain is just inside the opening of the vagina and just outside the vagina opening right near where the perineum starts. The skin at the opening and base of the vagina is bright red. This even happens after short, non-rough ~10 minute sessions. I am not dry before or even during sex. I have multiple orgasms and there is plenty of self-generated lube down there…

    Here are all of the things I have tried:
    Lube. Multiple brands, no effect.
    Using condoms.
    Not using condoms. (typical)
    I used a round of Monistat.
    Coconut oil as lube in case it was a yeast thing (it is very moisturizing and has anti-fungal properties).
    Extensive foreplay.
    Neosporin and/or hydrocortisone, helps heal but doesn’t prevent.
    Waiting a week between sessions or until everything is visibly healed.
    Waiting a month and a half to “fully heal.”
    Being off of birth control. Only for a month, which is probably not long enough to do anything.
    New all natural soap.( Kiss my face olive oil soap)

    Well that is all I can remember attempting and I am at a total loss.

    My gyno says the next step is estrogen cream, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a different preventative measure. Should I go off the pill? I don’t want to because #1 I get ovarian cysts, and #2 it takes my bf a while longer when using a condom and longer time=more redness/pain. What about that Vulvar Vestibulitis thing? Should I try a dilator of sorts? Do signs point to Vulvar Vestibulitis? If so, and you have experience with this, what did you do?

    Thanks for your time!

  • I think you need to explain when you use condoms , lubes, and coconut oil.

    There is a reaction there somewhere and it's one of them..

    I think you are allergic to "one" of them.


    • Well, what I mean is that we have tried all of these different things in an attempt to eliminate one of those things as a culprit. We used condoms and I had the pain, so we tried no condoms. Still pain. We have tried lube w/o condoms, still there was the pain/redness. We have tried not using any lube and no condom and still it happened. (all attempts allowed a week+ for healing time) Now we use the coconut oil in order to eliminate any other random chemicals that are in other store-bought lubes. I don't think I am allergic to coconut oil because I use it elsewhere on my skin regularly...


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