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Any insight,please? ((LONG))

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  • Any insight,please? ((LONG))

    Hi. I guess to start off,I'll get my background out there. I am 24. I have three children born full term,first born when I was 19. I had my first cycle at 10. My family history includes my mother having a partial hysterectomy in her early to mid-30s due to endometriosis and her ovaries removed in her early 40s due to them collapsing,and my maternal grandmother having a hysterectomy in her early to mid-30s due to uterine fibroids. I don't know much about my paternal side,but I do know that I have a sister who frequently gets ovarian cysts. I am married and monogomous. I did have an abnormal pap smear in December 2008,and was diagnosed with HPV. I have always had frequent urination without infections,so it is no new symptom of anything for me. I DO have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday.

    Now,my problem:

    I stopped my birth control in August due to frequent headaches and bad menstrual cramps. No big deal for me,this happens every time I take birth control for more than a year,and it was coming up on a year. My period came right on time in September(4 weeks exactly),and then in October was 4 days late. My November cycle followed the 4 week&4 day pattern,while my December cycle was about 5 weeks&2 days. In January,my cycle went back to 4 weeks&3 days. My January cycle was my last "normal" cycle. In February,my cycle came right on at 4 weeks and 4 days. The day before my cycle I noticed exagerrated PMS symptoms(very swollen,nauseated,headaches,cramps,etc). I also noticed a sharp "ping" type feeling deep inside my pelvic area. My period was lighter than normal,with 2 days of spotting before and after a day of regular flow,instead of jumping right into 4-5 days of regular flow. A week after that period I almost passed out while exercising and became very nauseated. I also started to spot. My mom had me take a pregnancy test,and it came back negative. The cramping came and went,but it was bearable. Every time I tried to exercise,I got sick. I tried to drink a beer one night,and got swollen and sick.

    Then comes March 30th,4 weeks&3 days after my last period. I woke up with swollen feet and eyes. I figured it was just my period getting ready to start. I felt the "pings" again,and cramping. March 31st,more profound cramping and a bad backache,but no period. I kept thinking I felt it,but it was just discharge. I also started to have constant heartburn. I tried to have sex that night,but my cervix hurt when he came close to it and with every thrust I felt pain deep inside. April 2nd,my period has still not started and I get sick exercising yet again,and I swell up and vomit after drinking one beer. I am cramping really bad at this point,and my backache is worse than the cramps. I took two pregnancy tests,one negative and one faintly positive. I had my husband take me to the ER just SURE I was pregnant and tubal. They did a pregnancy test that was negative,and a full pelvic exam. The nurse practictioner gave no explanation to the pain other than she thought it might be a cyst and referred me to a clinic,saying she thought I needed to have an ultrasound pretty soon. She did diagnose me with a mild case of BV and another vaginal infection,and sent me on my way with a week's worth of two different antibiotics. She also noticed that my cervix bled when touched and thought my period was about to start. The next night,I had light spotting,and my period started lightly after 5 weeks&1 day. It was light for about two days,followed by a day or two of spotting. I wore a pad to monitor the flow,and if it was hygenic to do so,I probably would have gotten away with one pad a day. I looked about 4 months pregnant,and now I don't. The next week,I suddenly find myself more tired than usual. I almost fell asleep folding clothes,despite a full night of sleep. The more the week went on,I found the cramping and backache to get worse. It's hard to get comfortable. The pain has mostly started to settle on the left side,no real tenderness,just felt deep inside. I have no appetitite. I have to force myself to at least eat 1000 calories a day,because if I didn't,I might have 400 or 500,adding to the weakness. My weight keeps going up and down despite this. Then to today..This morning I woke up 4 pounds heavier than I did yesterday morning,but hungry. I filled up with just one cup of coffee,before even getting to eat. I went to the grocery store and I feel like my hips just hurt. My feet hurt. My discharge has increased and during one bathroom trip I found it to have blood in it..but then the blood went away. I can feel the "pings" again,even though my period is not due. I still have heartburn. I also frequently get the chills. I cannot tell you if I've had a fever or not because my themometer died yesterday,which makes me wonder if the normal temp readings I got were lowered due to the dying battery.

    I Googled my symptoms,and quite honestly,they are scarey. The clinic can't see me before Tuesday,and I'm just getting so anxious with every twinge of pain. The backache is constant now. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this. Is this just a cyst gone wrong? Could it be related to the abnormal pap I've had? I'm so sick of being sick and in pain. I just want to feel normal again. The nurse practicioner told me to come back if I start bleeding heavily with worse pain...the pain is worse but no heavy bleeding. Any suggestions or insight? Thanks is advance.
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  • Hi
    How much sunlight are you getting. More and more research is linking menstural irregularity and reproductive issues with Vitamin D deficiancies.
    Vitamin D3 drops are cheap and can help significantly.
    How are you with sugar as well- do you get any sugar binge urges.
    The issue with beer could also point to Intestinal Candida- the beer feeds it and causes bloating and the other symptoms. Sugar also feeds candida.
    It creates a form of a still in your digestive system- generates gas and makes you feel light headed. Once it is established it migrates to your reproductive system and creates havoc.
    The main causes of it are antibiotics and birth control.( Agrivated by a hugh sugar diet.)
    Google candida- there is a lot of onfo on the web about it.


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